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And he finally they finally he pulls in somewhere in they just yank him out of the car some people say you should be the cops cetera others and good job i want to talk to the guy who did that alejandro hernandez thorough joins us live on news talk a twenty am wbap in the chris show am i pronounce your name correctly first of all sir the right of bienvenido allow w they are they paid wbap at my spanish isn't the best but there we are uh so i love this because i'm watching you i'm like hanging out with your family in the car watching this a bunch of good to venezuelan americans talking in a you know figuring out what you're going to do what happened where where what where you're in houston what do they he you you and then you start going after what happened no actually will go there were a new guy was going the other way we're going to take a leaf and telling gummy he almost it will have to get out of his way what a web go ahead and i saw the life out of it or what lagaan and we'll icu will you don't don't have told you right now you you'll don't feel that the good lord no recording at the time okay but he actually stop at a liquor store right and the and the other car were boeing b guy we call it up in the guy the guy got up his car uh he almost fell on the floor like he couldn't even walk the malady owner i dunno somebody columbus or came out started talked to him we gave the the only the odds with and about boy we thought okay ugh i got the guard we.

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