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I I know I know it says here how much? Hail. Damage? Are, we talking I I happen to have a. Cough and says I the, undersigned acknowledge auto, nation Toyota arapahoe has disclosed to me a prior to. The, sale that the vehicle had held damage, and that did they. Give you, a discount because of it, no no He did not disclose to me that's why I, took, me no, no it okay. This sucks out it's close how much how much was yesterday you got to estimate not until August fifteen fifteen what no I have to appointment for the? Wait, wait Before? You go anywhere I? Want you to go to. Our? People. Where are you going to get it. Fixed Oh No not. Yet not not even. Estimate. Okay. Okay. Good my. Listen if it's really, minor I'm gonna tell you. Something it might be. Difficult it might be difficult to get around this because you signed it. Now hold. On it may be on the bottom street. Pop Statement, for the initial for the initial didn't initial anything I I because they says hold. On, because it says I further acknowledged it's been? Repaired or I further acknowledge. I am. Purchasing the vehicle without any repairs or it, says I further acknowledged that the repairs are scheduled so. It's either a we owe or not. Getting repaired, or it has been repaired listen who did you deal with at at this this is this is terrible meet. Me I believe you that you didn't, realize it but we, may have to make the. Best of it if the. Hail, is not. That bad I mean. It doesn't. Even say what they're gonna she didn't. Mark would, you call them no one acknowledged anything here though did she buy it as signed she do yeah but which. What did she sign four yeah okay, there's nothing there hold, on a sec you know. What I'm saying why people Can you hear how many. People get screwed I mean. Seriously what do you know why I'm. Frustrated I mean. I guess it's getting? To. Me I get up I'm. Sixty five man you know I've? Been doing, this. In Denver for forty years and? I. Am. Literally. Sick to my. Stomach how people get. Ripped off I am tired? Of it We know what we need to, do we need. To, step it up I'm serious we need to, let people know when we hear about stuff on this. Show you got. To let people know and then you gotta? Let those, tell. Those people to let them? Know and. Then tell, everyone to let them know it's. My it's my. Belief that have companies. Start getting, consumer feedback literally consumer feedback like you know what, you might technically got her but it's wrong. Like these windows at Lowe's. Come on that sucks con My let's just let's, just ruminate on this and see what we can do. It just sucks Three zero three seven. One three talk I'm sorry I'm running late because I am. So pissed again with those window she should have gone to k and h h Home Solutions there's no. Way they would have beat her up like. That and they would have never. Given her anything she, didn't want k and h Home Solutions. They have a sale right now. If you buy windows they will upgrade you to triple pane think about that triple paned glass and then they also have thirty percent. Off,.

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