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Slash S. M B Amara Vandeveld from the ID out traffic center, reminding you to drive responsibly. It really is a matter of life or death. Now, the forecast from the W G N Chicago Weather Center here's meteorologist Mike Jansen, No complaints. Here's a raffle the work week under mainly Sonny's guys. We're looking for inland highs in the mid eighties but could be close to 10 degrees cooler at the lakefront. Mostly clear and quiet tonight with lows in the mid to upper sixties mostly sunny on Saturday, a high near 90 inland mid eighties at the lakefront hitting next readings in the lower nineties inland, Partly Connie and noticeably more humid on Sunday could see a nice and John were thunderstorm in the afternoon. Look for highs in the lower nineties, but he didn't ex readings close to 100 degrees. A chance for scattered challenge and thunderstorms goes up here Sunday night and continues into Monday, especially in the morning hours. It's going to be partly sunny and human with highs in the mid eighties silica for highs in the mid eighties on Tuesday, but under mainly sunny skies, it will be a slightly cooler and the lakefront, then partly cloudy on Wednesday with inland highs in the mid eighties upper seventies at the lake from the W G, a weather center. I'm meteorologist My jet. It's mostly sunny 72 this morning in Chicago. To Christopher Columbus Statues have been taken down in Chicago early this morning. One in Grand Park, the other in a Rego Park in the Little Village neighborhood. WG As Judy Wing is in Grant Park. The Columbus statue is gone. It came down at about three this morning. There was a small crowd here watching it happen. This happened a week after police and protestors Flashed right at this spot as a group of protesters tried to take Columbus.

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