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Switzerland. Your last story of a mystery yet to be solved comes from Peter gross. Canadian police are looking for Mr. sexy, Ontario, Canada might sound like a strange setting for a tale of international mystery replete with stolen property fast cars and sex. But that's exactly what happened this week in the city of Mississauga the Mississippi of Ontario. What MRs Iowa to police pulled over a speeding vehicle and after a quick check of the registration. They discovered that the vanity license plates on that vehicle had been stolen from another car and placed on that car. So sergeant Kerry Schmidt of the provincial police posted pictures of the plates along with the following message on Twitter are these yours looking for the rightful owner of Mr. sexy license plates. They were lawfully attacked to a Maserati driven by a seventeen year old driver going one hundred fifty kilometers an hour. Just for the record. That's about ninety miles an hour and about thirty. Thirty years too early for midlife crisis. Officers near the plates didn't belong to the teenager where they pulled over and asked him. Are you Mr. sexy, and he replied, please, Mr. sexy? My father me, David. Also marks the first recorded incident of someone going on Twitter during work hours posting that they were looking for Mr. sexy and not getting fired. But this is far from the first vanity license plate and breglio to rock our neighbors to the north in January Manitoba plates reading a s m I l eight or assimilate were revoked due to concerns. It was an insult to a digital people. The owner of the plates Nick taller, explain it was actually a reference to a famous saying by the board an alien species from Star Trek which allowed Antero police to safely scratch, Mr. Toler off the list of potential, Mr. sexy..

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