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And asked me for my vice i would say say in cleveland just because of what he means for cleveland what he means for akron what he means for that the whole state you know going away and coming back and delivering a championship obviously is everybody knows it's not just him it's the people around him but he said he wanted to liberate championship and he did it put the team what is back this year this year was was scary look like they weren't even they might not make the playoffs and they did some some in house changing and and they trade some people away and somehow he got better misses first time he's ever played every single game never set out he got better his numbers all around the board we're better so i'd like from you're saying cleveland just to show that city some love and and what they've showed him love over the years but from the other aspect yeah i wanted something squeak but kevin durant i mean look at that fire power they have and i think when those contracts in we know when those contracts start indian and people agents get involved you know that team's gonna break up probably pretty quick it was nice to see him nice to see him do that and kevin was lights out those those games in cleveland you know i i i can see where lebron could go a lot of places but i don't want to fan right me as a fan i mean houston we can see that where they could fit you know some people can move and go to la and he could go to la but again like i said if he was calling me i mean because he moved from miami back to cleveland i'm moved from where i was back to pensacola florida i say go back home i'm not sure enough to go back home and help my city just like he is and so you know i used him as an example for me to go back home to help a city to be a part of a city that i was born and raised in so you know i i love what the bronze him but i really wish you would stay again if he's asking me but the nba it's so it's so appealing right now i love it my wife played and the wnba i can't wait to see what happens in the draft and and where people are going watson on and a privilege to talk to you buddy thanks a lot and all the best to you good luck moving forward okay you take all right thanks a lot thanks for having me again thank you the one and only bubba watson twotime masters champion joining us on behalf of the travelers championship which takes place this.

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