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Quarter. Where buffalo finally got on the scoreboard at the three sixteen Mark and Chris clue j finding that if we have that. Replay from Kevin Brunell McKay. And that's where the bus score was seven to five favoring, Philadelphia but buffalo mounting a Midi attack. And it starts with blue Jay at three sixteen of the third from the slot area. Back to the far side Bogarde back the klu klu table. What was going to be an extra attacker? Jay took care of right away. And Kevin Brunell along with the and McKay getting the assist. Buffalo continued on to come within one seven two six three thirty eight the tab the goal. So just seconds after Corey small probably the ball again Corey. No job too small for Corey small and buffalo cubs within one. Dane Smith continues the points of the game. And incidentally earlier in the game JR. Smith earning his six hundred m L L point all is abandoned and buffalo coming within one seventy six again right after that. Frank Brown finding that for Philadelphia at four zero to give Philadelphia a two-goal lead eight to six but the buffalo comes within one day Smith at four fifty one of the third quarter, Shaun Evans is already there in rushing down into the Philadelphia zone. Yellow checking players out of the way, while Dade Smith decks. Doug, Smith what rake day on the scoreboard and Bubalo cubs with one. It's out the eight seven lead. So the great Dane on the scoreboard from Sean Evanston, Steve pre. Although that was a big goal in the game at four fifty one of the third quarter. But Philadelphia comes right back. It's Frank Brown again from Kevin growly. Josh courier. And then buffalo at five fifty nine. Comes within one. Again. It's Sean Evans. There's a sub. Four Bubalo shod habits. Within one just as we got tuned up after the TV timeout here in Philadelphia. Jordan, Dirksen, faking the shot and managing together. Feather Passover Shaun Evans. So good dry shot. Evanston. Jordan, Dirksen, Thomas Hogar that on the power play at the five fifty nine Mark Philadelphia. Again, scoring the goal career coming up with Josh or Jordan hall. Good herding getting a chance to get on that one for the Kevin Crowley taking a two-goal lead eleven to eight at buffalo comes right back. And this is where they start their three-goal run in the fourth quarter to play. Go after. Outside score Chris Klute Jerry with a second goal at buffalo comes with him too. So we'll stop the highlights of tonight's game. Before we go and continue with three-goal.

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