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Hockey and come on by clydes of gallery place from five till seven on the radio on your phone. Okay. Google putting ninety four WIP. So Ray while you were out yesterday watching the wife. With not your wife per se, but the movie the wife right here at watching the wife, you're watching the movie the wife, the alliance of American football kicked off. And surprisingly, the verdict was that. It was pretty good. Is that right? There was a lot of social media chatter from just, you know, regular fans and people who cover football that says that it was fun. It was fast paced that they did some innovations that they liked including replay as I would like to see it. Where they have the camera upstairs, and it's actually transparent you hear them talking to each other was his foot down or not. Let's take a look let's do that. So that was kind of cool, and I think that would translate well into the into the NFL. I didn't see more than a couple of minutes of it. But the TV production from what I saw and from what people said was very well done. The fans seemed into it considering that like who are these guys. It appears from what people said they they hired solid broadcasters to do it. Uh-huh. And it will give you this is Bill Polian who is involved with this thing. His thing was the NFL is not developing quarterbacks as we should we're not building off developing offensive lineman as we should that's going to be one of the tasks of this league. So they really view it as a developmental league. So again, I know you didn't see it. And I just saw a couple of minutes of it. Could they have something here? They've tried. All this stuff so many times. Yeah. I I think it's a really good idea. I don't know how how watchable it's going to be over time. But I think the idea of having a developmental league which would serve as kind of a feeder system for the NFL makes perfect sense to me. I mean, you have. Baseball has its minor leagues. Basketball has a minor league in effect hockey has minor leagues. There really doesn't exist for football. I mean you draft kids out of college assigned free agents you bring eighty guys training camp, you keep some you cut the others. And then for a lot of guys are career ends. And they might have the ability to play in the NFL if they had a couple of years to develop well now, you're giving them a place to develop the NFL tried it with NFL Europe. And they did develop some players. I mean, there were some guys that came out of that league. And when the plane and the NFL Kurt Warner being the most obvious example, but Adam venit, Terry started an NFL Europe. I mean, these are guys that might have never had an NFL career if that league hadn't existed, and it just gave them an opportunity to spend a couple of years developing their skills. They get another chance to go to the NFL, and they make it. That's what this really is. And I think that the two guys that are really behind. It are. You mentioned Bill Polian is is one of them. And. Charles Ebersol, who's the son of dick Ebersol is the TV producer there. The guys have kinda put this thing together, but Polian has been arguing for this for a long time because he's a veteran NFL guy. General manager personnel guy who has seen a lot of players get cut at training camp and looked at him and said, you know, this kid if I could a worked with him for another two or three years I'm gonna head something because what he's got to go off and get a job now. Well, now you've got an opportunity to bring some of those guys back into the game. And I think that's a good thing. They said that eighty one percent of the players who were maybe on the roster. I know if it was in the games yesterday or on the roster. Were at one point under contract. NFL teams that doesn't mean they played in an NFL game. Right. But it means they have worn NFL helmet. They participated in practices. They played in preseason training camps and stuff. Right. And there were a couple of guys, I guess, I don't have their names, but who people recognize from lawyers this guy, you know, he was the eagles last summer, right? A couple of fairly big names me, Trent Richardson. Right. It was a top three pick and was a total bust as a running back. But okay, he's trying to you know, he's trying to come back now and Christian hackenberg. Penn State fans Steve McFadden back in studio knows them well Christian hackenberg. Who was a second round pick of the jets? Are they never even let him play in a never took a snap in a pre-season? And never took a snap in a regular season game got released. Well, guess what? I mean, he's got an opportunity. He's playing in this league. So yeah, it's it's a second chance for some of these guys to show it, they they actually have a future in pro football. So will you watch at some point probably night NFL network. I might I might. And I probably I probably will right now I need to just kind of detoxing of football for a little bit after after Super Bowl. I, and I know what's coming up. I know you're going to have the combines coming up. I know drafts going to be coming up. So I'm going to be looking at a lot of film and everything. So I'm just taking a little break right now. But the season this season is going to go through the end of April. It doesn't go on all that long. There's only eight teams. Yeah. And I think the championship game is like the final weekend in April. And and yeah, but between now, and then I'll I'll check in on it because I know I know of Poland's involved. I mean, I know what a perfectionist he is on these things. So I know this thing is going to be done. Right. It's not going to be a slipshod operation if he's involved. I liked it. It's not gimmicky right because people start leagues they they have the odd rules the XFL put the ball in the middle of field run out to get it. Although to be honest with you, I kind of like, I know you did. Hey, if we're not gonna have this one this league doesn't have kick us if we're not gonna kickoffs anymore. You know, decide who gets the ball put it the fifty yard line fastest guy. Whoever gets there first. Well, not a stupid it is. But I liked that stupid. There's no kicking tees you have to go for to all the time. Yeah. I'm okay with that. No kickoff. They would help Jake Elliott. And and there's no onsides kicks. So obviously, no kickoff. You got no onsides kick. So what they do is. They give you another. They give you a play. They give you a fourth and ten play from twenty five. And if you make if you convert it if you if you make it then you get to keep the ball. All right. So actually, let's get a call. And I'm going to run the team names by you, see if you think are any good, Dan and morals, and may have checked this out, Dan. What did you think? I thought today was pretty good. Pretty entertaining. Production value is top notch. It was almost like watching an NFL game. We saw back in eighty four the rise meteoric rise style and its alternate demise. And I'm wondering if you guys can tell me your opinion on what this new we can learn from other spring league back in eighty four the USSL. Well, what what the learn is don't let Donald Trump by team. He did kill the because the USFL. I mean, it's it's it's original the original conception of the USFL was it was going to be a spring league. And it was going to work within the parameters of of an alternative to the National Football League. And they were going to play in the spring. And then when Donald Trump bought the New Jersey generals, he said, no, no, no, we're going to go head to head with the NFL. And that of course, was fatal. I mean, they weren't going. They were not gonna knock off the NFL. So the other owners caved and that was the end of the league. But I think what what's Trump's ultimate strategy. Was he wanted to go? He didn't really think that the USFL was going to beat the NFL. But he wanted to be enough of an annoyance to them that the NFL would absorb a couple of the better franchises into the NFL is and meaning his obviously, and that was going to be his ticket to getting an NFL team. And of course, that never happened. Do you think that eventually the we'll try to compete for the best college players with the NFL or do you think developmentally? No. I think I think it's run by the NFL. Yeah. It's it's it's it's an extension of the NFL. And it's really it's really just going to be a purely developmental league for the top draft picks are still going to go to the big teams, and they're going to go to the training camps. And this will be this'll be a place where guys who don't make it guys who do get cut guys who are looking for an opportunity. This'll be an opportunity for them to go somewhere play again. Possibly give re-signed and rediscovered. So they got eight teams. Our producer daybreak Myron were discussing this earlier one of the sad. Things of sports is they really appear to be out of viable team names. Because I mean, you, you know, you don't want to be the lions Tigers of the Wildcats. Everything's been done a million times every animal pretty much is taken right with the Panthers. And the Jaguars. They ran out of cats. Right. The raptors went dinosaur. I thought that was kinda cool. I actually thought the raptors are pretty good. I like that one. I think that's a good one. But there's really know there's not a lot of animal, but got the owls for God's sakes. I think the one temple one with the owls that was pretty much the end of the animals. There's only two colleges in America that have house got it as a as a nickname rice rice the rice owls temple als. But can you think of a like a good cool animal? That's not used. Can't think of one right? So they made a ton of BULLDOGS out there million as you. Well, will do exactly I've been tracking. That is only one really good terriers, right? Yeah. Right. You had the terriers. Right. My college team. But anyway, actually, my son went to tufts there, the jumbos always thought that was cool, man. Okay. But so what they've done in recent years. Like the thing that's not really a thing. Like the Miami, Heat, which is to me, maybe the worst. Let's let's take the worst aspect of our town. Make it a singular and have it be the nickname of the team. You know, it's bad. You were not a big fan of the Minnesota wild either. No, it's not it's not a thing. It's not a now. Right now, it's an adjective, it's not a noun. So I think it team has to be an an and I also don't typically like the singular, but these are the names of the teams in this new league. Tell me tell me what you think ready. All right. Give it a one to ten with ten being you like it a lot the Atlanta legends too. Yeah. I agree. Stupid. The Memphis express. Got a little bit more. Not not great for the San Antonio commanders better. I I yeah, I'd give that one a seven at the navy down there. I mean it fits right? That's cool that I agree with you. I like this one I'll tell you like this when the Orlando Apollo's. Yeah. I kinda liked that one. Now, the space program was always down that part of the country, Orlando cocoa beach. So that fits the coach of the Orlando apologizes. No, Steve Spurrier. God bless him. Imagine. He's on the golf course by noon everyday. He's on the back nine by noon. The Birmingham iron. Now that to me is a two makes. Although that's that's a big that is a big steel producing area. The the iron is to me if you're near the iron men, maybe they go, but the iron I've done work for me, the Arizona hotshots. Yeah. I don't like that. Club. That's amazing one. Sounds like a male strip club. Hey, let's go to hotshots tonight. The Salt Lake stallions at least it's an animal if not original. No, okay. I'll give that one a six and the San Diego fleet. I kind of liked that considering the strong naval presence in San Diego. That makes some sense to me fleet a medicine of a certain sort what fleet isn't that a particular kind of medicine? This purely applies to the navy. I understand. Well, I tell you the Apollo's and the commanders are winners. The other six are losers. No, I I liked the fleet. All right. I think bright Myers with me. I think primarily like the fleet to fleet number one. All right. Let's let's get Dan in at Lincoln university. Dan, you're on with rain Glen. Yeah. Hey, guys, loved the show, and you guys down Delaware park. Appreciate you taking my call. I watched game last night the hits allowed on the quarterbacks. Of course, that's down on today. Oh my goodness. His helmet flies off. You know? And if you if you saw some of that, and, you know, hey, of course, everybody that loves the own NFL, and I'm probably one of them just loves that kind of contact loves that kind of excitement, but you know, you get to it. And you're a wonder, hey, there's only got eight teams here. But as far as the CTA. Yes, CTE issues lawsuits and so forth. There's a there's a really good reason that the NFL has, you know, instituted the rules on those types of hits the defenseless receiver all those. Walks out the other one of the court because they tried show your during the break, you know, this kid. She got hit straight on from the front. So it wasn't a dirty hit. But he got rocked. His helmet comes on kidding. Yep. Coming from the side. I mean, and it didn't come from the blindside came from his front, and he never saw common. Yeah. It's kind of on the quarterback. But I would imagine they will soon enough. It's if it's a developmental league. Find ways to protect the players better. They're going to have to do that. Because one of the other things that they're doing rules wise is they are trying to think what's the best way describing their de emphasizing offensive holding. So in other words, they're allowing. Oh, yeah. They're yeah. They're allowing offensive lineman to their they're sort of they're sort of changing the rules. They are a little bit that the offensive lineman are going to be able to hold more. And it's all in the it's all in the idea of trying to put more offense into it. They're trying to you know, fewer holding penalties. Let the offense of lineman. Hold more. Give the quarterbacks more protection will allow you figure. If you're going to do that, you're going to get some more points. And that's kind of what they're trying to do here. I somebody came by here. Gentleman came by was when you were not here..

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