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You could do it. No one gets a diploma alone. If you're thinking of finishing your high school diploma, you have help find free adult education classes near you at Finish your diploma dot or g'kar. That's finished your diploma dot org's brought to you another potential vaccines Success story today with enthusiasm. How does the modern a candidate compare with the Fizer vaccine? We got results on a week ago and what lies between successful tests on the one hand and distribution on the other? Welcome now in infectious disease expert she's Dr Celine Gounder, clinical assistant professor of N Y U Langone Department medicine and a member of the President elect's covert task force. So welcome, Doctor. It's great to have you back with us. So give us your read right now on this Madona candidate as opposed to the Fizer candidate. There are some key differences. Both the Visor and the Madonna vaccines rely on Marin a technology which is ah, previously unused. This is somewhat unchartered territory. These will be the very first vaccines that will be using that are based on this technology. Both of them appear to be highly effective, at least based on the data that's been shared with us so far. One key difference, though, between the visor and Madonna vaccines is the temperature at which the Moderna vaccine needs to be. Store advisor Vaccine We've heard needs to be deep freezed minus 70 degrees Celsius. That really is not something that the average doctor's office can accommodate. The Moderna vaccine, in contrast, can be frozen or refrigerated at more normal range of temperatures for up to 30 days..

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