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Pressure former Louisiana governor Kathleen Blanco was died of cancer at the age of seventy six she became the state's first female elected governor only to see her political career derailed by the devastation of hurricane Katrina WB two news time seven forty five so you need a new roof on your house who do you call why don't you try a quote the most trusted roofing company in the southeast that is alpha omega construction group they take the G. A. F. presidents club award very seriously less than three percent of all roofing companies even qualify for this award and it means that their people their company understand how to install your roof perfectly whether it's shingle metal tile a flat roof cedar residential or commercial and alpha omega is a family owned business started right here in Charlotte nineteen ninety two this is a company that you can trust with your biggest investment the roof that shelters your family inside your home call alpha omega today at eight four four seven oh four roof or online at Alfa dash omega I. N. C. dot com eight four four seven oh for our old alpha omega seven forty six WBTW weather channel forecast partly cloudy with a an afternoon thunderstorm possible today and I'm ninety three partly cloudy seventy two overnight the cutting tomorrow scattered showers possible on Tuesday as well with a high of eighty eight and the late day showers in ninety two on Wednesday right now seventy one Concord seventy one Gastonia seventy three enough John John Stokes newstalk eleven ten ninety nine three WBTV styleite lounge for an evening the question yeah I've got no secrets and no regrets well the letter addressed but the point is I got nothing to hide.

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