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The bottom line when a group that is very much in vogue with wall street fashion show gives you a series of excellent quarters like we've seen with these cloudbased software place this fascist climbing that's class a bull market behavior and the charges interpret by bob line will they suggest that what a desk adobe answers and ptc have a lot more room to run let's go to steve in illinois please steve i gave it a bit low end a warm why cannot amelie what's going on i like to your door or era you earlier this year we liked we liked that stock i remember when we did they work up i think it's terrific i think you've got a day or if you wanted to go forward and remember it's also kind of stocked it's really working in this market holy cow how about we gotta elliot new york police elliot their suit your clears down but not out okay i think the company is good the stocks but not good let's go to elliot new york kelly it hey jimbo boulia of course so i'm a longterm shop by bull i look old ernie called we can use to by old bit additionally i think andrew left wale faith animal catch up with valuation and my well bid man you know this is as you could tell from what happened today is is a total battlegrounds stock and i just not going to wade into this i know quite a long time but there's a long story in a short story and when you get those i say don't by but don't sell either i just i don't like it when there's cuasefire and there's a real cuasefire from people i respect the cloud base overplays on fire after a series of exum quarters i don't think the rana's over it nor does bob lang thing so holy cow oughta desk adobe answers the btc they can keep climbing much money glee my souza with shudder stop a picture might be worth a thousand words maybe thousands knackers then talk about a power producer i'm sitting down with this energy it's ceo a one point seven billion dollar acquisition and it could energise the company it's a growth tony and oil cost ratify did nights round so stick with kramer.

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