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Com today. Daisy ashes radio WFL, see traffic problems. Call the injury firm of Abraham Sohn in Utah traffic tip line Hillsboro, eight six six five four five ninety five ninety five. Mild this morning and temperatures climbing at to eighty five this afternoon, you may notice a couple of extra clouds a slightly higher humidity value out there, and that continues to increase overnight with a low of seventy one out ahead of a cold front that brings a forty percent chance of showers and a few thunderstorms tomorrow. But high eighty two out on the water today southeast wins becoming southwest at ten knots. Sees it to feet, I'm news channel late meteorologist Lee span. On new all star addition crew cabs with trailing package. LED fog lights, eighteen inch aluminum wheels and chrome bumper and grill all discount by thirty percent to just thirty one one with five all at that price or choose from the red hot twenty nineteen Colorado extended cap that lists for twenty six five now at an criminal sales price of just eighteen nine and we have five Colorado's all at that price. Just eighteen nine singer Chevrolet dot com. Tampa Bay big star on I four exit twenty two plant city Chevrolet. Find new roads. It's here the biggest ring sale ever at International Diamond Center this weekend ring for spring of days of incredible savings get up to twenty percents off plus two years zero interest by day Saturday and Sunday at International Diamond Center. Hey, Tampa Bay fans this listen, and I want to play football with you say the Jameis Winston youth football pro camp. Ks in grades one through eight enjoy me at camp on June. Seventh at avid hilts training center. Register at James Wisden camp dot com. I will be site enjoying by area coaches to provide small group instruction on the fundamentals.

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