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We the house comedians PJ's when it opened up as the uptown black club. Gangster gangster own club. Of they would they would pack the club. And then they'd rob themselves. Right. And then so we do that. So we'd get paid in advance. We'd advancer money, and they liked us has a funny here, but we opened up for every black came through Martin vandals the whispers Ray, Charles Anthon, lengthened imperials. The wetlands the whispers Edwin Starr vague Charles, everybody, wore the band war Edwin startling about. We so we had this whole black. We're black for little while for a long time. I imagine you would almost half the down. We started a career at the red FOX club, really and enormou- Miller was emcee and and she called us. Now, the next next to the real funny guy geeking gang. Did you meet red FOX, I knew read now, I knew from the very very some colorful stories about that, man. He's probably the he was the best stand up comedian I'd ever seen and I'd seen Richard Pryor. Everybody real, and I've seen I seen red FOX. I seen them take a crowd for an hour having left into your hurting myself included, and then bring them down where they're running out the door. They're leaving really. And then bring him back when the when he brought him down people were leaving us doing these jokes. You know, just horrible in these people were heading for the door. Read went to the door open the door preachers. Thank you very much. And then he close the door and went back on stage. And then brought them all up again. Yeah. Never seen that happen. So near mine is a couple of guys of worked with everybody and seen everybody and not only that but seeing everyone in their prime yet because there is a difference between seeing an old Bill Cosby and a young Bill as we or whatever definitely all old Bill Cosby just yells at black people to get their shit. The old one. No that is a trip 'cause they're both. What who? Yeah. On there and the other night what what do you want? I don't know. I just shit myself. Bill bill. Did you bullies in your day billion? Good. Yeah. Yeah. We had believed in I lived in a day. We're dad come home and cry in your dad would take you back and stand. There you go beat up the bully, right? I'm sure Bill Cosby goes ask where those horrible sweaters. Oh, jeez. Twitter still I see pictured him. It's like a fourteen year old Bill. Cosby when you're young the was so funny. All right. And we're back, and if you wanna hear that full episode with teaching shown podcast one premium to get access the entire back archive..

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