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Make eight hundred thousand illegal alien children now young adults at least legal not citizens but legal and that program was rescinded nancy pelosi chuck schumer went right to the white house at dinner with president trump on wednesday night it seems like thursday morning a lot of what they said in represented about what had been done on wednesday came unwound the president is standing firm that a wall has to be a part of it and we left off with what does daca do or don't do and there's a great article we're going to direct you to about ten important questions that both republicans and doc supporters need to answer regarding that but you were going to make a point about daca right about lewis eight hundred thousand applied under obama's unconstitutional executive daca amnesty the former investigator manager at the us customs immigration service said there was a forty two fifty percent fraud rate in the daca program and may be more the total number of illegal immigrants will potentially qualified numbers they were brought here now as as children zero to eighteen is exceeds two million under the daca amnesty bill in the senate plus would you do them plus their families and other exceptions hooligan at an amnesty of four to five million illegal immigrants so this is not so any time that the here in the media or here and establishment republican talk about eight hundred thousand they all lying to you.

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