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Welcome back to the show you're listening to our expert i am nick miles so we were talking in the first half of this interview to heiko schmidt about am jesus in the engines six hundred and three horsepower in the e sixty three wagon and the e sixty three sedan how do you something that goes that far east you have to make it stop as well don't you and i noticed some very colorful breaks on this vehicle you probably notice a lot of gold on the right indika educating the cars were equipped with the carbon ceramic brake system which is inexpensive option but worth every penny because obviously there's a number of advantages to a carbon ceramic brake people know that it's a lot less weight that you carry around but i'm from wait which is which is great in a in a sports car that's what you want break this cool down considerably faster so if you do intend to figure out on the track which i'm sure every one of our customers on a regular basis then it's absolutely worth stepping up to those and they just look too i mean there insanely big and you have the gold calipers there recognize it right away that you were equipped with a break let's talk a little bit about performance of the vehicle zero to sixty three point three and three point four for the wagon presumably the wagons point ten of a second slower because it has the extra weight just a couple of more cars carrying around just a just a couple then then you have things like the top speed now you're gonna have to electrically control at presumably because this this six hundred and three horsepower is a lotta of horsepower and a vehicle yeah the top speed is is i'm eighty miles an hour which i mean obviously the cargo faster but it's mostly the highest we're concerned with so we have to up to a completely different set of tires he wanted to enable the cargo even thoughts on that i do doubt that customers experiences but station comes to all the car it's just a journalist right right let's talk a little bit about the drift mode because this is something that i know that the team in nashville where a little bit sheepish about showing me but eventually i managed to coax it out of them so the vehicle has adrift modes normally the wagon that we would driving is an all wheel drive it's the mercedes benz of course well known for their all wheel drive systems but there is a way to disable it correct so maybe lose the word about the the actual all driving beca i kind of the hitler or the drift mode as we call it so could use of featured a on you will be called fanatic plus overdrive system for the first time there is a variable talk distribution from quantum so meaning the system can i it's not a division as we had in the past like a sixty seven thirty three typically used to be sixty seven percents of the actual thirty three percent of the front but now the system can actually ship all the way up to one hundred percent of the torque to the reacts and based on whatever driving situation what makes no sense excellent heiko thank you it's always great to talk to you and people can find out more at mercedesbenz website i could talk to you for another four hours about this i am so enthralled with these vehicles thanks for joining us when we come back we're gonna have more about cars and some special stuff we've been saving.

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