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Credit union their new name says it all together credit union the former singles police officer charged with assaulting what was believed to be a protester during the Stockley protest pleads guilty thirty two your Randy Hayes admitted today the using unreasonable and excessive force against what turned out to be a fellow officer who was under cover Hays code at the new Bailey Colletta pled guilty to perjury in the SL two other former singles officers Dustin Boone and Christopher Myers remain under indictment they have pleaded not guilty their trial set for December second three accused thieves in custody in Madison County after that gently getting into dozens and dozens of vehicles in the Alton and got free areas this week so far nineteen year olds de Andre kill more of Alton kisha little of wood river are charged with seven counts of burglary and one count of motor vehicle theft the medicine county sheriff's department chief deputy Jeff Connors says it appears the responsible for a lot more in talking with the people involved we were putting two and two together that we we believe they are linked to upwards to one hundred fifty vehicles and the common thread in all of these of these vehicles have been unlocked and two of the vehicles had their keys in them they were stolen one of them came under surveillance by Alton in Madison County authorities and that's how the suspects were caught now also arrested two juveniles one of them is still in custody the other one's been released Conor says most of the items taken were little things like small change a little gun and a crossbow were stolen in Alton he says many victims may not even know their cars have been burglarized in Edwardsville Brian Kelly St Louis's newsradio KMOX president trump's former campaign manager testified today in the federal trial of political operator operator Roger stone Steve Bannon testified that Roger stone would brag about his ties to Julian assigns regularly implying that he had an inside track on wikileaks Bannon said that stone also detail that there would be information coming from the organization that would hurt Hillary Clinton and help the twenty sixteen trump campaign Bannon was only on the stand for about a half an hour and said he was appearing under subpoena as a reluctant witness stone faces trial in charge as of lying to Congress and witness tampering bill ray Cobb C. B. S. news Washington cable excuse time three oh two president trump said today he wants to raise the minimum age to purchase the cigarettes and vaping products from eighteen to twenty one the CDC said yesterday thirty nine deaths nationwide have now been caused by date thing related long injuries raising the age would require congressional approval and tobacco free dot org executive director Patrick Reynolds is worried about the possibility of a plan failing because of political conflicts there's always a chance we could.

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