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The retrial of bill cosby's attorneys were cosby tried to have the sexual assault case dismissed the judge rejected that motion and joining us now to talk more about the case nbc radio national correspondent bills them for a bell the morning on what grounds to cosby's attorney trying to get this thing dismissed well a yesterday joe was filled with back and forth between between the legal teams really uh and cosby's new legal team which is headed up by former michael jackson attorney tom measure row uh really had two issues they put before the judge they say that they wanted it thrown out because the incident according to phone records they say they have happened before the end of two thousand three which would put it outside the statute of limitations meeting that he could not be prosecuted for that uh that was number one that was dismissed any said though that should be considered at trial so it's something that they will bring up during the trial they also uh asked to dismiss because the prosecutors they say failed to investigate claims by another witness uh who could have damaging testimony against bill cosby also that if the defence are the prosecution rather wanted the defence team thrown all off the case joe because they say they failed to reveal that they interviewed a woman who had cast doubt on andrea constand story she is the person who is making these allegations against bill cosby that's what this trials all about and they called this that new defence team at best incompetent and otherwise on ethical solana legal back and forth yesterday still to be determined joe is weather as many as nineteen other women will be allowed to testify at this trial which will begin in early april or a very good nbc radio national correspondent bill zimper on that story forest it's five forty one minutes ahead of six o'clock of course the brand new blend berman and michael riedal in the morning show coming up at six for you right now you're traffic were burning fighter fillets.

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