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Helps me calm down after a long day as you can tell I'm not great at acceptance. But instead of always trying to fix my problems. Now, Jane reminded me a lot of you, partly because of the audiobooks thing. But also the way you talk about living in Encino like you like kind of us getting away and those that drive through the hills relaxes you and makes you feel like you're transitioning from work to home. Yes. Absolutely. When I see like all the trees and the. Lean especially now with the rain. It's so beautiful. My it helps me unwind. Yes. Absolutely. And then my very favorite comment, maybe ever is from Alexandra who said my family, and this might be a Puerto Rican thing had a saying when someone was driving like a jerk. It basically translated to the person must be pooping himself. But with uglier words, it always made me laugh now as an adult, I still think that when I see bad driving, and it puts me in a laugh mindset, rather than a rage mind. Oh my God. That's funny genius. And I also my thing now and forever is going to be to say that whenever I see someone driving like crazy because I think that in the future it will stop Bislett from driving like crazy. She's like sixteen in new in a car and zipping down the freeway, I want her to think like oh my God. Someone's going to think I have diarrhea. Therefore, I must live is an excuse to die fast. This. I think she'll be like, okay. I got a slowdown. Yes, I have to. Well. Thank you, everyone for your responses. This you know, traffic is one of the Baynes of our existence. But you know, what would I tell myself that I'm in traffic? I live in California. I'm so lucky. It is worth every bit of traffic. I love this city. You are a true Californian. Next on the Californians. Blodget me over. Maybe you should get guy before Stewart's have all right? Oh, sing gonna take. Can you drive or sim center and then make a left and gum four or five north from there? Just get off from all hauling brutally like that. Sara as you've heard me talk about a lot twenty nineteen is all about losing weight for me now sticking to a weight loss plan can be hard, especially when you don't know how to handle the thoughts and obstacles that might have held you back in the past. But I am finding the Neum app to be incredibly helpful. Yes. As a my were both using the new map, and I will say I have lost nine pounds since we started using it. I have also lost over ten pounds. I have stand as the most satisfying motivating thing..

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