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Am no fool. I'll do expect my lady, but you appear to be mistaken my sisters, and I have not seen any Olympian down here in ages. We were just Lorinc one hunter away from his friends. If you heard any laughter, that's violence. What do you hear something? Quiet. The air is thick like the clouds that precede a thunderstorm. He was here. Are you? Sure, they're happy. There was just a wild boar. As Hera tore through the woods looking for her. Unfaithful husband echo, followed close on her heels. They sped between rows of trees while echo attempted to dissuade or distract the jealous. Goddess finally, Herro reached the clearing the nymphs and Zeus had been frolicking in mere moments before and found it empty Hera stood in the clearing boiling with rage in the deserted hollow a single detail stuck out to her footprints on the earth. No nymph trod heavily enough to leave tracks echo began to creep away. She was relieved the others escaped in time, but did not wish to deal with Hera any longer than she had to where are you going? We've searched the entire force my lady I thought I would go back to my tree your prattling on allowed. My husband to slip away from me. What? I sure you I had no intention violence. What is your name echo, my lady echo, well echo? It has been lovely chatting with you. But I am afraid you are going to be silenced from now on I promise mainly to. You will never hear from me. Again, you love having the last word. Don't you this? I will grant you will always have the last word, but no power to speak. I that will be your curse is that. Understood understood perfect. You may go now go now. Yes, I must be gone on. On. Hera vanished. Leaving the cursed nymph alone in the woods echo, tried to speak. But her voice caught in her throat. Her mind could form words, but her mouth refused to release them when a bird flu by she could copy it song. But only for a little while the venture she would always fade back into silence..

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