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I can tell you it's no such meeting i was a no such meeting i've made that clear okay let's review the game film once again i'm not i don't know if he's alive or not i can tell you i was in no such meeting he said you met with him you're saying you didn't you don't know if he's a liar by definition you just said he's a liar i was in no such meeting i've made that clear you know that j i have denied this because it's not true but here i am on your show having to talk about this when the supreme court just uphill what the president said was a muslim ban i'm here to talk about my agenda not actually faced anything else they i mean considering this guy's in the democratic party leadership and he gets mentioned sometimes this is kind of cooled off a little bit in the twenty twenty talk but i do wonder if this is going to of course i'm going to answer my question here because it's not but it will this get played on a loop like trump's david duke interview back on the campaign remember that when when he was asked over and over again do you disavow david duke i dunno david duke is what he said and he got trump got pounded for that yes repeatedly and i remember saying that the time trump definitely could have handled that differently could have just said yeah disavowing any probably should've yeah but it's interesting that this isn't going to get the kind of play that you would expect if this is any conservative lawmaker regardless of how high up in the ranks of the party they are or how well known they are across the nation if this is a conservative this dudes getting shredded yeah and i wonder man his career arc only go so high aide part of its he's not very good at it but the rest is he's got a lot of things to answer for it as long as he keeps that sort of attitude of you're better to apologize and move on my thoughts have changed i've evolved that usually works for the liberals if i had it to do over again differently yes something else for you to worry about david begnaud you worried about getting your data stolen yeah tell me even batteries can be used to seal data from your smartphone always something isn't there new research out but says that the battery in your cell phone could be turned into a secret surveillance device that can leak sensitive information so there's this paper written about how militias batteries and smartphones could be used to read everything you type on your.

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