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Julian deitz cia withholds i'm christopher cruise it begins a grand jury has reportedly approved in indyck but in the investigation of the russian collusion in the 2016 us presidential election justice correspondent pamela brown we've learned a federal grand jury in washington d c prove the first charges in the investigation led by special counsel robert muller this is according to sources briefed on the matter had the charges are still field under orders from a federal judge at this hours were told that plans were prepared friday for anyone charged to be taken into custody possibly as soon as monday day while the government this week didn't release all of the remaining files on the assassination of president kennedy the ones did really said many new details corresponded brian todd says the cia claims it has a good reason for asking president trump to hold back some of the files the cia told us that some of the documents withheld have to do with important intelligence partnerships are that they may have in with specific methods they used to collect intelligence the president is warning federal agencies he will release all of the files if they don't take seriously his order to minimize reductions in the decadesold documents new jersey republican governor chris christie says he isn't sure president trump wants to second term he told nbc's today show that he would endorsed trump again if he runs show ever tiger woods has agreed to pay a small fine and perform community service as his punishment for reckless driving he was arrested in jupiter florida in may when police found him asleep in a mercedes he pleaded guilty friday said just one word yes when asked if he understood the charges against him mm he was sentenced to twelve months of probation and a two hundred fifty dollar fine woods also has to perform fifty hours of community service i'm steve kastenbaum toxicology reports showed would judge several.

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