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And obviously i was the gm there and always felt like you needed the bigger body quarterback with strong on in this here still win up in that stadium in you know the truth of it is at an all the attention and cleveland goes on the quarterback and there two prevailing things that have happened with that franchise over the years that no regime has been able to figure out so the rural and that's a stopping the ron on defense and be being able to build an offense where there was a threat of the run game to help these poor quarterback said has gone through there i made yeah there's just sort of this savior aspect that this one player's gonna come in and save the day the truth of it is it's been a lack of being able to run the ball and a lack of being able to stop the run and that was something that really like us in the one year that we did have successful with the ten win jamal lewis ran for you know 13 100yard so uh it it absolutely those are questions that the into a bit for john dorsey i agree with you and in the two other people that you spoke to that it's going to be hard to bypass josh alan knowing this situation that they play an environmentally cincinnati pittsburgh baltimore and then of course in their own home stadium and the truth evidence as i do think in free agency they will find a bridge quarterback at uh some regards some level and so there won't be the inherent pressure to put josh allen on the field right out of the gate now we know it can be fasttracked in these teams that they're gonna re they want a redshirt a quarterback for a year and we know it last week's uh but that's a conversation score for after the draft i know we're too much out still but if you had better dollar today too much you think the browns would go josh allen or do you think that they go sam donald or josh rosen or baker mayfield their shake want barkley at and one i think it comes.

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