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Of drive time sports coming at you over the next three hours glad you are along for the ride if you'd like to do a little bit more than that interact maybe win something because we're doing that today given away multiple things more on that when we actually do it but the tax line would be the line to grab at two eight six zero zero four six our for interaction purposes add extra sports thirteen hundred on Twitter at gingerly tweets at wheels thirteen hundred on the same fine website if you would like to follow the two of us while you're at it I I got to gas today for you Paul Klee will join me in the next segment always a wide ranging discussion when Paul is a board will talk a little Broncos they start training camp this week and then he's been out with the Rockies quite a bit let's see what else big NBA guys so like I said we'll discuss many different things with Paul Klee coming up in the next segment our number three cool think Sean Keebler is going to join us hi he is with the avalanche war years this is a hockey team that is made up of what a wounded veterans and things like that and they're doing a lot of cool stuff and the community they have a big golf tournament coming up and we want to us spotlight them so that's coming up in our number three a few of the topics on the docket today if you thought that maybe be Air Force should be interested or might be going to the American athletic conference I you can pretty much forget that also drew walk once more money which is whole areas so we'll get into that a little bit later but of course in a in a very interesting discussion about Jersey usage we had this off air JP from ninety one cake FM our inter Michael wheels and myself were all engrossed in a conversation or were in an engrossing conversation whatever way you want to put it about jerseys and what is the etiquette what how do you behave like comes the jerseys if they get traded are they done do not wear it anymore well if they commit some off field or off court transgression do they go away do you have some weird hang up about getting athletes jerseys or younger than you raise my hand on that one so we'll discuss that a little bit later as well but we have to start today with the enigma that is the Colorado Rockies so I'm yesterday obviously we talked a lot about the nineteen did too curb stomping that they dealt with at the hands of the San Francisco Giants now I hear anything about how hot the giants are right now all right they're going to trade their two best pitchers and Baumgartner and will Smith by July thirty first they don't care how hot they are they're trading anyone that they can get any kind of value of from so I don't want to hear it that the giants are playing good baseball but that was perpetuated by some of the more Rockies friendly media types over the course of the day yesterday but they lose nineteen to two with mark has on the mount and the you're just like what the hell and then they call of chi chi and you think I'm not eating and tune in I watched as Sam with the kids like I'm just gonna be fully honest with you right now I was not in on that game last night I know it's my job but if you lose nineteen into any call up chi chi Gonzalez from Albuquerque I'm not going to watch it so I watches them with my kids and then because I'm incapable of spending more than five minutes off a Twitter I'm following the game a little bit on Twitter watching the movie with my boys and I see positive chichi tweets and die turns out chichi pitcher were really well only gave up two runs in five innings not too shabby rocky scored our run and they lose again to that don't tell me they're good San Francisco Giants I'm done I like I time stamp this comment because you'll never hear it again for me I have no words I don't know what to say about this baseball team anymore like it's hard enough to formulate a real informed opinion about baseball teams and I give myself a little bit of credit and I've heard from some people who are friends of the program that go on radio stations in Denver and also come on this show and they say that compared to some of the people up in Denver I will I do do a much better job of discussing baseball but that time is over because I don't know what to say about this team anymore I can not figure them out for the life of me nineteen fifty two they lose during the day and then they lose a two to one pitching tool to pledges kid at night I just I don't know and things are ice cold on the trade front I have hardly any faith that the Rockies will do anything to address there needs on the pitching staff that were obviously not on display last night but now I'm hearing Yankees Astros when it comes to Marcus Stroman I signed ESPN article today that's a Trevor Bauer to the Rockies I thought this is a great idea love this idea and it's like I just made it like the literally this is what they said on ESPN dot com I will I just mention Trevor Bauer because I wanted him to explain the science behind pitching and out to to like he didn't even have a baseball reason or even say that it is something now it wasn't rumors it was these are the traits we like to see but the Trevor Bauer trade had nothing to do with baseball at least not in terms of helping the Rockies chances of making the playoffs or the Indians getting back high level prospects to accelerate the rebuild that seems like it might be coming specially if they lose touch with the twins no it's I would love to see Trevor Bauer discuss pitching at altitude because he's a real cerebral guy and if you they know that like he likes to talk about the physics behind pitching and he's kind of a different cat very much into the science of it and that's the only reason not that this puts the Rockies over the top this is not what makes the Rockies sure playoff team just entertainment value of listening to Trevor Bauer discuss pitching out to to so it has become more more evident unless Jeff pride H. is just plain things extremely close to the vest and I would say that his track record indicates that no it's just a lack of wanting to part with top level prospects so I'm getting less and less optimistic that the Rockies will do anything about anything that's wrong with them I visit the Jews ball theory kind of went out the window last night and I know tonight they might have another OR the next game they play they might have another nineteen run outing or whatever and then I will be back I'm not saying that the Jews balls don't affect the Rockies because they absolutely do when we discuss at length yesterday but I'm I'm done trying to figure out this team I don't know what they're doing so that's what I have for you on the Rockies I literally don't have anything else I yeah I mean this contrast between the two not into games and you think well chichi why not role would chichi am an hour after the game they sent it back down to Albuquerque I'm like he should be the number one stunner on the pitching staff why are they sending Gigi down what happened to chichi why no chi chi so right he can help in the bull pen guy gave up two runs in five innings he might as well be friggin site young compared to what we've seen and then they send them down so I don't know what they're doing.

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