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Shorter than me. God. And then another one was, I was dating someone who in retrospect was a terrible person. Really bad. He was my rapist is very bad person. But this before, all this happened, my mom goes, you know, just because your boyfriend's fat doesn't mean you have to be too. Yeah. And I was like cool also. And this is such a dumb thing to say. But at the time she was bigger than me. I was like, but but, but you don't have the shitty boyfriend. Yeah. Yeah. I think that all by myself. Yeah. Yeah. I was like I could have done this without him around. But yeah, it was months can parents really fuck up their kids and it's not just mom's frequently moms. Yeah. And yeah. And they think because there are woman. Yeah. Thing so often as well. It's like, well, I don't want you to get teased. Like, I did exactly you need to eat, like nothing fun. Yeah. Yeah. Everything in moderation. Right. Even like healthy. I mea like being also the fun thing is why people go come on just have a drink or like don't go to gyms or have some cake. It's like do the fun thing. Be fun. Yes. It's weird. I yeah, 'cause I also like I don't drink that much anymore. And I think it's because I, I do drink I, I do still drink, but I don't drink as much anymore. I think just because I just really really really, really overdid it in my twenties like a lot same. And I am surprised. I did not die. I think there's a multi verse where. Died of alcohol poisoning. Oh I'm there being dead as well. Yes, you're there being debt as well. Yeah. And I've had times where I like go to a bar to meet up with people, and they're like, what you're not drinking. And I'm like, dude, I just so sometimes what I'll do. And this is a trick told to me by Ryan Mogi from the show where if she doesn't, feel like drinking, she will doesn't want people to get on her case, she'll do a sparkling water with a little bit of bidders in it, and it looks like a drink. You can just drink that and people can stick, alignment it. Yeah. And then people will leave you alone. Yep. Because that will to of leisure, I've done. When I was in my twenties drink. It's not fun for sure. Have done that in my twenty s I was a little head. I, I kind of I don't. Shame the people I work with for not drinking. But, like, none of them drink, and so and Justin will be like, so it's, it's never something like, oh, let's all go to a bar afterward. Really? Man. We're the only ones who drink. So it's not it's not as much about it will. It's the it's the inverse. It's like are they judging us? Yeah. Yeah. At I it's weird because, like I've had so many experiences where I do like it breaks down the walls. It breaks down people's emotional walls. And so you'll have a bitter a bit deeper of discussion. If you're both drinking. And so there is that aspect, but also, like no one should drink. Yeah, none of us should be drinking. I mean, I've definitely used for sure. I mean I feel like all of us who have ever had alcohol have done this of using it to like, you know, you feel kind of like I feel a little uptight right now. I won't loosen up. So I'll have a couple unwind. Yeah. But it's you know what? The benefit of not drinking as much is that I can now get pretty awful like two or three like save so much money like this isn't God. I think about college, and I'm just like I who go to birds after doing stuff at UCSB. And because I was there. Oh, so often, the bartenders knew me and would give me free drinks or way over poor me, like I would go in and the bartender, I saw the most would see me. And then just like pull out a tum- a pint glass one, I'm drinking like a high ball glass or a pint. Yeah, fill it with ice engine, then fill it with whiskey. Oh my God. A pint glass with whiskey. Yeah..

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