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The mvp of talking trash you know it's a lose lose situation for me to go out on a watch what happens live and in solter so we started doing the show and she she wouldn't make eye contact with me we're doing the trying to be pleasant trying to be friendly trying to be nice and she starts popper shit i was kinda tag but she started papa shit and at the midway point of the show this is the exchange miles jordan play this little exchange you do know that you are on the show like a villain right you know you have to know this correct income better villain mike i don't need you to tell me what i am am not being a fan thank you watching keep the cable on but a new job would help with that can you can can you you kenya a middle aged fat white guys out of work i never know took me out of a lot of a lot of women housing they told glam squad a whole football team back there just to get you out here do now that house wise are women right yes i do not giving out any peaches okay so she calls me a middle age fat white guy now we all know and she said that i don't work and i can't pay my cable and i'm like a bishop please look me up on my stats but i didn't say thing you know my wife was pissed i saw twitter immediately responded because they were like if you had said a middle aged fat black woman like literally i would have been like our have been in trouble but i didn't say because i knew it was kind of a lose lose situation so i just took it you know and that's part of talking shit you know i'm the first to say when you're snapping and that's essentially what we're doing when you're snapping whether or not what she's saying is real or genuine or not when we're snapping that's part of you know you gotta take she's a woman trying to be like a good guest on the show and then she said a couple of other little jabs and i was like this fuck.

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