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Was there with and our country family. It just keeps you strong. It helps you know that you're not alone. She says she and other survivors as well as the relatives who lost loved loved ones need that country family now more than ever is the first anniversary of the shooting swiftly approaches. Reporting live in corona Cooper, Rummell KNX, ten seventy NewsRadio. A woman in Thousand Oaks managed to turn the tables on a man who was holding her captive yesterday. The woman told police she'd been held against her will in an apartment by twenty five year old man who sexually assaulted her threatened to shooter and use force to stop her from leaving. But when the man was distracted. She says she was able to grab his gun and shoot him police found the suspect suffering a gunshot wound along a Thousand Oaks road. His wound was not life threatening. And police say he will be placed under arrest when he's released from the hospital. Nathan Roberts KNX, ten seventy NewsRadio. Eight twenty seventy six Levin has taken place right now. And if you plan on attending leave your motorized scooter at home via is known for being a motor free zone. And that means those popular motor scooters are not allowed rahmael pass squall is the executive director of cyclic via and he tells Cain acts that part of the concern is the scooter speed and the event participants safety he adds that organizers with sickle via went to work together. What the motor scooter companies to make a type of GIO fence around the event. Now, certainly there a new mode of transportation and multi modal transportation that folks are using said, this is interesting a very good reality for LA to have this type of diversity of transportation option. And he says there are some exceptions for those going to sickle via pedal spikes, if you need you need it, and certainly we allow wheelchairs how electric Motors, but nothing with the gas powered motor is allowed on the streets. By the way, sick Lavina is partnering up with the LA philharmonic today and more than fifteen hundred performers artists and musicians will be scattered along the eight mile route Heather Jordan gain, extend seventy NewsRadio via runs till four pm and winds all the way through Hollywood Koreatown downtown LA from the Hollywood bowl to the Walt Disney concert hall streets involved from Hollywood to downtown are vine street, Melrose western Wilshire and grand. There's been a crackdown on three race. You can sign shows and the inland empire CBS Tuesday. Benedict says the thirties were out in force last night saw several people breaking the law. Sheriff's department kinda swooped in to.

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