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Memorial outside. Now surrounds the store. It's an illustration of what soon nam meant to her customers at twenty five hundred dollar reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest. Kitsap county, deputies are looking for three men who broke into a gun store near Gorst. Investigators say the thieves forced their way into born firearms about one forty five yesterday morning, deputies got their five minutes later, but the men were gone. Investigators released surveillance pictures, we've posted the Monir website. Komo news dot com right now. They don't know how many guns were stolen. Komo news time six ten now. The Harley exterior sports update with Tom hutler. The Mariners had a day off yesterday to forget highly forgettable games over the weekend a pair of lopsided losses to the Rangers Saturday and Sunday that included seven mariner errors host the Chicago Cubs tonight due to interleague scheduling quirks, a cubs have not been here in six years. They'll have Cole hamels on the mount against Felix Hernandez for the foreseeable. Seahawks holder their rookie minicamp Friday through Sunday at the v neck and Renton for players drafted free agents and other a few other players that'll be invited as well included in that group. Former husky linebacker Ben Burtt curving chosen by the Seahawks in the fifth round says working out with the likes of Seahawk linebacker, Bobby Wagner in the past. Couple of years has been beneficial. Bobby on the phone when insider and coast, karaoke, Halmi sounds really cool. So I mean, you can learn from better guys best linebackers the NFL. So it's pretty incredible hawks will hold one workout Friday Saturday and Sunday for their mini camp. A wealth of talent at the quarterback. Spot on montlake apparently is being reduced by two out of the five quarterbacks on the Rosser all highly regarded recruits leaving the program, according to this Seattle times to redshirt freshman, Colson Yankov and Jacobs sermon both of whom figured as little or no playing time over the next few years behind junior Jacob Easson and sophomore, Jake Hainer. The two were both in the top one hundred list for SPN before choosing to attend Washington. Now, they'll be headed. Elsewhere sports at ten forty past each hour. Tom hutler on the home of the huskies. Komo news. Komo news time six eleven the measles outbreak in Clark county has been declared officially over. But the nationwide outbreak is not even close to being done. The CDC announcing it has identified more than seven hundred cases in twenty two states since the beginning of this year, an increase of seventy eight cases in the last week alone. The CDC says eighty nine percent of those cases have been found in people who are not vaccinated the CDC's director exclusively tells ABC's, Dr Jen Ashton, he fears for the worst you can anticipate that it won't be surprising. If unfortunately, we do see a death last week in LA UCLA and Cal State, Los Angeles. Put more than one thousand students and staff members in quarantine last week after possibly being exposed on campus this morning more than two hundred remain quarantine meeting that the university's barred students and staff until the health department verifies, they are vaccinated and virus free. There are few of my colleagues who are. Still under quarantine. Our imagine that they are scared as well. Because an outbreak like this. It's easy to it's easy to be to be worried over. And again, there are parental concerns. We've been talking about that about the safety of these vaccines CDC reports that third of these new measles cases are in children under the age of five years old. The CDC is also saying the vaccine is safe measles is the real danger and urging everyone to come in and get vaccinated ABC's Adrian bantered with the latest family and friends are remembering Lori Gilbert k the woman shot and killed while attending Passover service in California. Her daughter Hannah spoke at our funeral yesterday. Mother must be bridge of love. Which one person to another K was shot and killed while attending Passover service at Baden Powell, Saturday K was standing in the lobby of the temple when she stepped between the rabbi and a man who fired several shots murder attempted murder and hate crime charges were filed yesterday, I guess nineteen year old John Ernest a graduate of Brigham Young University is drawing national attention and praise for coming out to his entire graduating class during his valedictorian speech..

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