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It's been proven that if you can medicate with cannabis and and see video actually have a better healing process all I I think anybody who knows anything about concussions or as had anybody in the family or friend experience compassion a big part of content post concussion since symptoms is is nausea something that marijuana helps tremendously and with absolutely and you mentioned your your wife was diagnosed with a brain tumor my my my my mother passed away from brain tumor sap had a sister passed away from cancer during chemotherapy the thing that helped my mom the most was marijuana bar none help you get over not to help her take her pills yeah without marijuana it would have been on fat overly worse experience for I mean ultimately obviously he passed away but it would have been like to Porcher every single day had she not had marijuana and to be able to just get the medical side of it passed in Massachusetts was like was like fighting a war and this is think something that's helping people I'm so glad you have this CCTV the tell stories like that one in really you know on top of it all there's a lot of patience you know as things legalize even in California there's new patients that aren't gonna look at you know the traditional methods of marketing you know magazines advance social media they're they're just they don't that doesn't exist in our world so that ten five fifteen minutes we have them while they're in the dispensary is a chance for us to like expose them to other categories to consume I mean a day doesn't go by that I don't have somebody in.

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