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Jury. People of God. How three this through the past for us? The help for the preacher is exactly what my next guest is talking about not only in that cut. They're that's Dr David Ireland. The senior pastor at Christ Church in New Jersey. But also the theme of a seminar that's coming up just around the corner. Tuesday may seventh and Wednesday may eighth and Dr David Ireland joins us now to discuss this very idea Dr. And it's always a pleasure to have you with us. But thanks for coming on today at my pleasure. Kevin thanks to speak to you in the audience. Yeah. Now, the we had you at our our first. Collaborate event a couple of years ago, and your message very much at home with pastors that rented -tendance, and you have a big heart to help younger pastors servewell into do well in the ministry that got calls them to why are you motivated along those lines? What is it about that that appeals to you? My heart cries to help shape passers as well as young home of Titians offensively to other word. Preachers. And the reason is because I remember when I first began Christ's church thirty two years ago, and I longed for shaping and moulding in preaching, and I understand the role of seminary, but I'm coming from a supplemental platform, I'm partnering with alliance theological seminary at college in this particular seminar, and that's my alma Mata aligns logical summer. Right. But the perspective I'm coming from Kevin is that I've had the opportunity to speak in some seventy five countries of the world fact just last week. I was in Dubai in that city, they're United Arab Emirates and my task there. I was brought together by a hundred millennials from forty three countries to help shape them. So that they can be able to shape Christianity by your twenty fifty and I was by the opportunity, and then from there, I went to Compal Uganda to speak to a national pastor's conference, which came and international conference, eight African countries. In the past four months address, perhaps people a hundred different nations of the world in different conferences. I wanna pass on some of the things I've learned so that purchase could be more global their presentation, and how they communicate in how they select bible passages because the world as Friedman says in his book has become flanked by the internet by online ministry and presence. We need to be not only cross cultural, but multinational our communication, and so I'm going to be talking about that in our seminar. And then is in second day, which is called an immersion experience for the real hands on how to practical aspects of preaching, right? Let's talk about that though for a second. Ireland is the is the quality of preaching poorer or better than say where it was when you were a seminary students. You talked about the lack of of not having anybody in your early ministry to come alongside you kind of help you shape that do you see the church in a little bit more trouble on the communicative scale, or has technology changed things. And there's really just a whole new skill set. That's needed where what do you see the current state about a bit of both? I think that the preaching quotient is dropped appreciably. The target is moved and lots of preachers trying to be contextual and contemporary are not being effective. And I bring that out because the twenty seventeen to research studies indicated that that there's a category now in terms of religious categories called the nuns and any SDN affiliated. It's now jumped to about twenty four percent in America other words, the nuns reflect. People that are atheists agnostics on affiliated in terms of religious persuasion or religious stripe. The reason why that category is growing which encompasses the agnostics is the fact that one of the big questions that they address and gave this data's to. Why do they categorize themselves as such they say that their answers their questions not being answered their questions that deal with apologetic does God exist? If God is good. Why does evil exist? You know? Is there more than one way to God? And I raised those questions that has been raised by the affiliated because preachers are not answering those questions we're leaving those questions to the apologists arrived been weaving into our sermon unapologetic piece. In fact, I have a teaching team and preaches that I provide pastoral coaching too in guidance. I tell them you don't have a complete sermon until you're showing me so specific things that sermon. Number one show me the door to the cross number to give me an apologetic as to. How do I defend the Christian faith, not an argumentative sense? But we've it into your sermon. So that people who are listening can be able to move from this place of being what I call on church into holy devoted followers of Christ. Since I challenge preaches to be able to integrate that into their interest in construction. Well, and that's and so that's why this seminar is important because you're going to give them some nuts and bolts in addition to trying to cast a bigger vision for them. And then Dr Ireland I've got a guess because I know it's true in in the media world, but I've got a guest that in the pulpit that sometimes we just need a little booster shot to like, there's just like we we may fall back in love with what our first experience was with that particular skill set in this case preaching, but sometimes, you know, we go for long dry periods of time where we're not around other people that are that are. Challenging us or, you know, inspiring us, and so we just need a little bit of refreshing to to to see that flame get lit again. Absolutely. Absolutely. I think that it's been said that on Mondays purchase wanna quit because. Worst critic, and we beat ourselves up. I'm preaching could be very lonely profession because if a person doesn't understand that world, then they don't know what the socio with it. And plus a lot of technical sense. A lot of spikes and adrenaline that creates the sense of a Downer afterwards. So know specific things that we do to help boost and maintain a even keel adrenaline level. We find ourselves going into this deep depression after preaching even if we use baseball metaphors give it even if we hit a home run Sunday. Yeah. So I think that preaches need to be together to have conversation to not just to hear one another prince, but I've dialogue and so the seminar is facilitating conversations with seasoned preachers. And as well as millennials end runs the entire gamut in terms of denomination this last year, we had some twenty to thirty different denominations represented from people from across the country as we gather together to say, how do we sharpen each other in our skill set of being preachers? Well, friends the event is coming may seventh and eighth and there's a Tuesday that is kind of like plenary sessions and then on the on the following day the eight it's called immersion. And it's going to give you even more hands on if you want any information about this. Maybe your pastor would really gain from taking a couple of days and going to this you could recommend it to Christ Church. USA dot ORG Christ's church dot dodge, Christ Church, USA dot ORG. And then. Look for the big banner ad they're preaching seminar. And then click on it, Dr David Ireland. We'll talk again before that rolls around. But congratulations and thanks for caring about our pastors. We can't take good enough care of them. But thanks for what you're doing. And caller number nine for one million dollars read a complete this quote life is like a box of. Rita. You're cutting out. We need your answer..

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