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We did we. Nobody's was the guard. We stuff to the challenge. Podcast regained you randomly breaking out in. The song would be very high on the list so for the week. One mentioned veteran alliance still. Kyle stint there more than that. But that's okay to question. I'll take that back. I'm sorry said. I think the energy took it back very quickly. Absurd to spy physics. Ands durham role. One shipping a couple. We are now shipping. Big t and logan big bigness. Bring on the streets. Fickle thick all their What you got so. I mean this is all you'll be like a one time thing but i think it's a fun book for but for. Tj's goodbye if you get the sense that he actually wants to person back. Take a drink so you think there's only one more person is going to be eliminated. I bet until happened one time in an episode of makeable time fed. It'd be like when it gets eliminated. Tigger egg thing or just get the hell out of here. That's if if you can tell definitively stay. Make it clear if you if you want. Some back positive. I was only if want the person back. Take all right. I also have a tj based role. I also don't think this will happen that frequently anytime you feel like there's an unscripted. Tj moment like when. I and teacher's at teaching like read from script put like when tj goes off. Roading it is. It is words. When devon's like i love mud and he's like yeah you're a pig like like one of those jabs doesn't have to be jab just like something clearly off. The dome from tj loved that moment. Let's put it on the put on the list. Love it phoebe very informed. I'm gonna just add the errands party. Pick down to it all right so this week for you. You picked up a point for corey for no confessionals once again. Amazingly lost that half point for ninety being chosen as a partner bringing you to a total for three points for the season burmeister. Scally two points for it's not. They've gotten all four people. The guy limited by non normal means on the On their squad interesting.

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