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Oh, yeah, congratulations. Everybody. Yeah, you know, sometimes gets the racist good. It's not always bad stuff that it's the first one I've been a part of on. That's good. And it sells that he's paying attention to the students. Yup. Yeah, he cares. Right? He cares. 'cause the end of the day is about getting them to come to the school and they weren't even come to school, right? That's how I knew it was black because they were kids so hard. I was like the only blacks all their black school make his way you might as well not get educated because they got so many jokes stays. Bill man hired a fourteen year old. We are working then allegedly offered her money to see her naked. What. Ardell county, North Carolina. A sixty. One year old states Ville man is facing child sex. Crime charges at the allegedly offered a fourteen year old victim money to see her noon. Debbie saying the crime was reported Friday. August third victim told investigators that Douglas Jackson offered to pay her to do yard work at her, and his actually brook lane home. And then later offered her money more money to see her naked. The victim says she was trying to earn money by cleaning homes, doing our work. When Jackson hired her Jackson was arrested, Wednesday, a charter felony indecent liberties with a child. He's in place under fifty thousand dollars bond. Guessed the race of Douglas Jackson, Karen Douglas, Jackson. Black down cares going back, Chris. I got a great with Karen, also going black. Let's take the chat room. See what they believe just called me. Mr. says Joe's, basically with whether white man why black says trae anybody else guessing is that it damn, I can't even joke about this one. Nasty, black, black. White says, cast always looks like all to get people that are willing to guess on this one. The correct answer is Karen bokram black, correct? Yeah. Well, then you both are incorrect boo..

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