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But even then I think it it Hughes read with regards to that one of our listeners. Thurston tweeted, would you say that Kansas is much more purple than the deep red that the coasts and the media often think of I would say Kansas is still largely read, but with some blue pockets indefinitely, some purple pockets of one thing as she brought up the Kansas City metropolitan area that's trending blue. And I think you saw that with cherise David's election. You saw that with how well governor Kelley performed in the Kansas City metro area and actually down across the ballot. Democrats won all of the statewide races in Johnson county, which Johnson county was traditionally a Republican leaning area. It was a suburban kind of country club Republican area. But. That is certainly starting to trend to a bit more democratic during the the Trump era. There was a real rejection of co Bach and Israel rejection of of of Kevin Yoder. So I would say that area is trending blue. Which is just it. You know, it buffers Missouri, which had a blue district, Missouri. You have some pockets of blue in Wichita and Pika, and certainly Lawrence Kansas, very blue. But overall, the state has is very read with regards to governor Kelley governing with the legislature. That is dominated by Republicans. There are eleven governors in this position right now President Obama was in this position during his final two years. I wonder what we learned from governor Kelley that might inform how those other eleven how those other governors might govern particularly because she strikes me as really content in her spaces a policy wonk as kind of a pragmatic policy thinker as opposed to a more ideological. Vision driven candidate. I mean in education funding, obviously, it it has dominated. Every Kansas legislative session that I've seen. I almost feels like it's dominated Kansas since the beginning of time education funding, I would say her plan on education funding was much more moderate than a lot of Democrats or even the school districts her base in the education advocacy, community it, I mean that it's it's worth noting that there were some Democrats who were against her plan because it didn't go far enough. But that was a way she was able to get Republican lawmakers on board. Also, the fact that she is in way the way that she is pursuing Medicaid expansion of going through the legislature is very key. There is some grayness here the Affordable Care Act gave governors the ability to unilaterally pursue Medicaid expansion. However during the Brownback years the legislature passed a Bill which governor Brownback signed into law requiring the governor to seek legislative approval. And she is adhering. To that. And she is trying to finalize in the legislature to do that, even as even as Republican leaders themselves are very much against that. Yeah. Why is that because there have been some more conservative states that have decided to expand Medicaid in their states? What's the hold up in Kansas? It's I think it's it's at this point. It's become a little bit of a wedge issue. It's I mean, it's, but one thing that's worth noting their rural hospitals in Kansas that have closed and those hospitals point to the failure to expand, Medicaid as one of the reasons, that's one reason why there is a groundswell. And I mean, she she leaned into that issue more. So than the the democratic candidate who had ran into fourteen who largely avoided it because you know, at that point ObamaCare was very kind of toxic political thing that she leaned into that as one of her key promises, but for for the Republicans who oppose it there the business. This community in Kansas is still. Is still against the the Kansas chamber of commerce and groups like that. And so it somewhat of a base issue..

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