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Uh a new york times reporter went to this dinner that was being given on his behalf and at this dinner that's what fleming said yeah moral responsibility will be attached to people or entities that caused resistant bacteria to come into the world and it's a really really powerful and and much less wellknown warning and it seemed to me that given the entire history of antibiotic use particularly in agriculture that this was a warning that deserved to be sounded again i totally agree i will encourage people to note that section of this book in particular and share those words because they are so critically important you want to paint a picture of what it was like before we had antibiotics i will i think it's so hard for us to imagine ourselves into this condition but it shouldn't be hard because if we're not more careful with antibiotics we may find our way back there again but almost every one that i know and you know would born within the antibiotic era rayo fleming the accident the lab accident essentially that causes fleming to identify penicillin happens to 1928 when opoku flee he leaves a window open in his lebar tree in london and something blues in the window onto the petri dishes of staff bacteria that he's working with and when he comes back later to clean those dishes off and reuse them because it's 1928 metal have plastics so they have to wash the glass often or use it he discovers that they're a little deadzone on the staff and let's caused the deadzone is at the centre of each deadzone there is a tiny speck of pedophilia mold and it has excreted a chemical that killed the staff so that's the very start of the antibiotic era even though penicillin doesn't really get developed as a drug untold 1943 gets rolled out on the battlefields of world war two and 1943 becomes available to the general public in about 1944 and is so remarkable that the nobel prize is awarded just one year later and 1945 so before penicillin the mildest infections things that we would not think twice about now were lifethreatening the first per them to get penicillin experimentally was a british police officer named albert alexander who like a lot of middleclass british people loved at the garden and he went out in his back garden.

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