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That the crown prince NBS ordered to killing monitor decalaring Senator Lindsey Graham is disgusted by the whole thing NBS, the crown prince is wrecking ball. And he says the US cannot stand idly by I cannot support arms sales to Saudi Arabia as long as he's gonna be in charge of this country. Senators are already working on a resolution to end US military support for the Saudis in Yemen. Linda Kenyon, Capitol Hill to NAMI warning in effect after a huge earthquake in the South Pacific residents in the island nations of New Caledonia and Vanna to east of Australia have been ordered to head to hire. Or ground. Authorities who are anticipating salami waves ten feet above tide level. After are shallow magnitude seven point six quake struck off the coast, let the closing bell on Wall Street Tuesday. The Dow it sunk to around eight hundred point five hundred and the Dow both fell over three percent. The NASDAQ was down three point eight percent one day after investors tilt enthusiastic about an announced. Pause in the trade war with China reality set in boosted by a tweet from President Trump about being tariff, man, a reminder that a pause doesn't mean a negotiated deal to end the trade war is inevitable. Still the president's economic adviser. Larry cudlow said he was surprised by the wave of recessionary pessimism. You'll see a recession on the economy is doing well recession on the rise. I do not but many analysts recently, downgraded their forecasts. Steve Kastenbaum, New York. Saudi-based Yemeni government delegation left for Sweden on Wednesday to join the is radian make that Iranian aligned Hootie group for u n sponsored peace talks this week. I'm Elliot Francis. Yeah. Yeah. Would I in express wants to let you in.

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