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I don't know if it really holds up though, it has percents. All I've ever heard is that part too is supposed to be amazing. And that was also Mary Lambert, but she was given a bit more creative freedom with that one. I think the fact that she was able to like go from end the first movie was super successful to you like she was able to do a sequel on her own terms, which is even more bonkers. I think is more fun. So I'm looking forward to revisiting bat. And I've read a couple of interviews to you Mary Lambert apparently really wants to remake the dead zone. I'd love to see that. That sounds great for today. Yeah. That would be cool. I wonder who the politician would be anyway. So yeah, that's all review of pet cemetery. Then unfortunately, it was a huge disappointment. I saw this will be actually I want you to I saw it in Dolby, and it actually did work for the jump scares. I thought I did enhance it a little bit there. They move the seats like the seats punchy with little it's good actually before we wrap up. There is one thing. I must bring up which is that there is a moment in arrested development, which is now a mean, right. And it's a job. Looking off into the middle distance and saying I've made a huge mistake. I coat that line to my wife all the time. And we kind of like we quote rest of element to ourselves to each other a lot, but like that's one of the classic lines. And if you if you search on Twitter like or anywhere for gifts. Like, I've made a huge mistake like the jobs face pops up, and it's very funny. And I felt like this movie was I've made a huge mistake the movie, and there's there's like. It's like making them. Doing these really stupid things. But there's literally that scene where the daughter has just come back to life and they're lying in bed together. And Jason Clark's looking up at the ceiling. He has the exact same look as jokes does in that scene when he says, I I've made a huge just play the arrested development there and cut the movie like credit. Yeah. I would watch that. I think that would be infinitely more enjoyable. All right. Well, I think that's going to wrap us up for today on the slash film cast year..

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