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Feel like we are in the throes of a playoff race and maybe it will when they come home and huge game. Homestand dodgers are going to be here this weekend. they play the pirates. They play the nationals. I mean they. There's i it could change if the reds play well this series come home and they play some huge games. A great american ballpark. I will tell you though as somebody who has a major opponent of expanding the postseason field. I mean look at where we are right now. The new york. Mets are a game under five hundred and they are three and a half games out of a playoff spot. The philadelphia phillies are a game over five hundred. They are two and a half games out of the playoff spot. These are not great teams. That doesn't mean that these teams can't get to the postseason get hot when a couple of series maybe even get to the world series but these aren't great teams. Can you imagine how down this thing would be if we had seven teams per league in the postseason which was talked about before last year. More importantly can you imagine the lengths to which owners will not try to build ninety five win teams. If winning eighty three games becomes very easy pathway into the postseason by the way if you want something that pretty much guarantees that big market teams are going to be in the playoffs. Every single year expand the field even further resin pirates. Tonight six thousand. Seven hundred. Wwl w wade miley and dylan. Peters will be your pitchers reds looking for their first series win in their last seven remarkable how many consecutive series they've lost and yet still effectively in the driver seat for that last playoff spot. Bob is calling from florence. Bob came to our show yesterday. Bob is on this show today. How are you bob. how're you doing. I'm wonderful hey You know what man. I would not worry about leaving.

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