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Edge, and it was called the sonic blitz where you bring the salmon, the strong safety Nice recognition there about Colin Hill dumped it down to his safety valve Fenwick to prevent a second five from the Gator 31 yard line off the right hash out of the shotgun. He takes the snap, swings it out, right Cyclops like then with who's busy on this drive? And he runs out of room there on the right sideline trade. Dean makes the stop is gonna be about two yards shy of the line. The game will bring up third down now for South Carolina. They are five of 10 on third down this afternoon. Back to the line. Your splits up front heavy up there. Double tight set reaches under center. Then with the running back takes the snap fakes to him. Hill wants to throw throws under pressure down the left side going for the goal line completely overshot Rico powers. Who is bracketed heading for the left corner. LeMond one side that racket for the Gators. Hell really Want to take that shot down. The field probably was a little bit ill advised. As it was really just a one man route. They acted like they were selling the run really hard with all 10 guys. This had one man releasing down the field of powers, But Hill had to take the shot there on third down well covered by Florida. Here's Parker Light 35 yard attempt on 4th and 2 45 yards from the right hash. Good Hold. The kick is away, and it is good. And so the Lou Groza watchlist kicker Parker White puts three on the board will.

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