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Clark sought to help former president Trump to amplify unproven allegations of voter fraud in the 2020 election according to an earlier Senate Judiciary Committee report and the select committee wants to know more about his dealings with the president California congressman Pete Aguilar The fact that his two superiors have already spoken publicly he shouldn't have anything to hide Clark appeared before the panel last month but declined to answer questions related to the former president The house will now vote on the referral and ultimately the Justice Department will determine whether he'll face a possible indictment Former senior White House adviser Steve Bannon was indicted earlier this year On Capitol Hill Mitchell Miller WTO P news And as we have been reporting just moments ago we learned that Clark is now agreed to come back for another deposition Vice chair Liz Cheney saying the contempt process will not be finalized if Clark complies with the committee's subpoena by Saturday but there are all indications that Clark will assert his Fifth Amendment right against self incrimination Stay with us here and ATP dot com for the latest moves by the January 6th committee in the investigation Turning the page here the first known U.S. case of the omicron coronavirus variant has appeared in Northern California tonight The president's top medical adviser says oh Macron's presence in the U.S. shouldn't lead to a change in behavior as long as you've been vaccinated boosted and wear a mask in congregate settings We want to keep doing that and make sure we pay close attention to that When it comes to holiday parties doctor Anthony Fauci says as long as those in attendance are vaccinated you can feel safe with not wearing a mask and having a dinner having a reception But in other public settings in which unvaccinated people may be present It is very prudent to wear a mask CBS News White House correspondent Stephen portnoy produced that report just coming in tonight an official familiar with communication says the CDC told state health officials on a call just today it's reviewing more potential cases of the omicron variant in several states although the CDC did not specify how many cases or which states And tonight Maryland's governor Larry Hogan urging calm as the world waits for more data on that new COVID variant and he says there are things that residents can do now If a does come to Maryland we will find it and track it down To do that the governor wants more people to get tested So the Maryland Department of Health and the Maryland Department of Transportation will immediately make rapid tests available at the international terminal at BWI airport Hogan adds state health officials are strongly encouraging all eligible marylanders to get a booster shot as soon as possible Maryland has now administered more than 1 million booster shots Michelle bash news Another big story of the night the Supreme Court today heard two hours of arguments on Mississippi's strict abortion law in an intensely watched case that could change abortion rights in our country Roe V wade legalized abortion nearly 50 years ago and the court reaffirmed the decision two decades later ruling states can not ban abortions until a fetus is considered viable around 24 weeks The chords now being asked to overturn those rulings in a case about a Mississippi ban on abortion after 15 weeks chief justice John Roberts is among conservative members questioning the viability line Why is 15 weeks not enough time The court could simply uphold the Mississippi law and say nothing else but abortion rights supporters say that would still effectively overturn roe V wade Sonia son of mayor and other liberal justices suggest that may create a public perception that the high court is simply a political arm Where this institution survived the stench Sagar Meghani Washington William married a law professor Neil devons telling WTP the implications of the case extend far beyond abortion rights he says if roe is overturned the decision could affect the future of the high court itself It will call into question what justice Kagan said which is whether the court is a political court and presidents can change doctrine through appointments And that may raise a specter of other issues involving court reform There's a commission that President Biden has approved as making recommendations governing the court size and other issues and calls for court reform will grow much louder if the court overturns roe not to mention what might happen with the abortion case itself and the abortion right itself And that is William and Mary law professor Neil Devin some new information tonight about the accused gunman in the school shooting north of Detroit will have that and the hunt with WTO national security correspondent JJ green on the way If you don't know PPC if you don't know SEO If you don't know OTT if you don't know targeted display social media matters website development 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