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Employed by the Connecticut sun by the terms of normal sports, free agency, whatever. But yet is in all this marketing promotion for the Connecticut sun during the off season. What are we doing? Like, it makes no sense that day before she announces she's signing with Chicago. She's in promotions for Connecticut selling tickets to season ticket holders and whatnot. Find a different way to just ridiculous in my mind. And that's just like the tip of the iceberg and then you're talking about all the stuff under the water. I mean, yeah, I just think that I have to have to tread lightly with what I'm talking about here, but I also want to be transparent and I want to this has been known and this has been going on and whether it's one team, whether it's multiple teams, what I'm curious now is can they even find evidence? Is there proof? Well, that's the other thing. Like, how are you going to and that's what I was going to say is like, not having proof of this or getting enough evidence to bring down the hammer. Doesn't necessarily mean it didn't happen. And doesn't necessarily mean that it didn't impact things in an unfair way. I mean, I think that, do they lose future picks? Did I get obviously a fine or someone has to resign or they lose massive amounts of picks down the road? I guess that's one way it could go down. Well, Rachel, even before that this news broke, it was already disaster island over there, considering the fact it's been what three weeks since the hand be trade went down in the handy allegations came out and they haven't put out a state. They hadn't put out a statement. They eventually did put out a statement, but kind of fumbled that one. This is just such a bad look. Everything going on right now with Las Vegas aces. People are trying to sugarcoat it, make it look like it's not that big of a deal. They're serious accusations from a former player. Who probably it was because of the move that happened. And the disgruntled former employee, if you want to call it that, probably caused some snowballing effect that was allowing it. I mean, that's like these are these are mutually exclusive. Exactly. And then the Nikki fargus on the presser, I'm sorry, she had to leave, but she's still on the Zoom call and then magically disappears just then. I mean, there's just, we can do a whole podcast episode. I want to. It's ridiculous. It's bad. And then it's like a bad reality TV. Two days later, because why not? We're going to be comparing these two franchises, you know, something else come home. The New Yorker have handled the John cold Jones, acquisition, and that they handled Brianna Stewart and Courtney van der sloot press conference earlier today, complete class act, everything you would expect from a premier franchise team from an organization across the board. Vegas right now, I'm disappointed. I'm a little bit confused. Who's calling the shots here? Because to me, this is where PR at experienced PR person, which is what they have would step in and determine hey, this is how we need to handle this situation. That's not what it's looking like to me. So I want to know who's calling the shots and who's making this look like the complete disaster that it is right now. So I'm just gonna I'm just gonna throw this out there, Rachel. I saw you tweeted something about like this is PR one O one. This is the statement you should have put out in the moment these allegations came. And then I found it funny because it looks like they copied and pasted that for their statement later on. But enough about Vegas. Let's move on. There's been some very interesting moves that happen today. Atlanta trades Tiffany Hayes to Connecticut for the 6th pick in this draft. It's going to be interesting because what is tip haze's availability whole season, partial season, we saw last season, she did dip out at one point for national team commitments, not the U.S. national team. So that's going to be an interesting one, but I love the addition for Connecticut. Brings a lot of elements that team needs a shooter, a score, a good defender, a two way player. Honestly, a great, not the same style players that don't take it that way, but a great addition after you lose Courtney Williams in free agency. Any thoughts on that trade? I agree. I think it's a win win for both. We knew she was on the move. I think that was common knowledge. I kind of forget what is and what isn't, but it kind of was like, I feel like Atlanta was able to secure a nice, a nice piece with this and being able to be, you know, now you're involved in this draft with two solid picks. I think they're going to be able to meet their needs. In this draft with those two picks, maybe even secure a future piece, something along those lines. But yeah, I mean, everything you said, I think it's great for both. Well, and a smart move too, because they used one of their first round picks on the move to get Alicia gray. And then possibly tip ace is already leaving, but then you're able to get back into the first round with that one. So I think the move is a smart move a nice move.

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