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He was outspoken. And controversial and one of Newfoundland and Labrador's most admired and sometimes reviled politicians today people in that province and beyond are mourning the death of former provincial and federal cabinet minister. John Crosbie Mr Crosby entered provincial politics as a liberal but a eventually crossed the floor helping the Progressive Conservatives. Come to power in one thousand nine hundred four but at home. There's a black mark on his decades in office his his decision to shut down the northern cod fishery off Newfoundland and Labrador putting an estimated. Thirty thousand people out of work here are some of those people confronting Mr Crosby. You got a candidate celebration in Babel's in one thousand nine hundred to be it didn't take the from the Goddamn one hotel in two days later. John Crosby defended his decision to as it happens. Host Michael Enright. I don't believe there's any doubt out if we are to ensure the survival of a northern cod as a species at there has to be a moratorium so if you're interested in the survival of the species and if if you're interested in the future of your children and your children's children then you support the moratorium if you don't like the compensation that you've been offered by by the government and you want more than you make a reason case for it and you'll find a recent government that you certainly finding a receptive minister because I am doing all I can possibly do on behalf of the people in the vision of Newfoundland and have been doing this now for fourteen months as minister and I intend to go all all out to see that this situation is dealt with fairly and equitably. Do you think that we're at a point. The Newfoundland here has had a fulcrum here that the life in the province is going to change irrevocably. Because of what's happened to the stock can because of the moratorium because of all of the various factors go on I don't think that at all. I think that Newfoundland is always going to be not in terms of proportion of GNP or GDP not accept it but in terms of spirit and culture. Ethos what makes it tick. In terms of its wro-wrote life is always going to be a fishing gene province. As long as we ensure that there's some fish docks out there to be `cau- from our archives. That's the John Crosbie. Speaking with former as it happens host post Michael Enright back in Nineteen ninety-two Danny Williams was the premier of Newfoundland and Labrador from two thousand and three to two thousand ten. We reached him in Sarasota Florida. Mr Williams what's going through your mind as you hear John Cosby's voice in that clip. It's brings me back to a very very difficult all time and then for Atlanta Rapper. Door there was a lot of people. Were very scared at that time. Virtually Shutting Down Rural New Land Labrador and John had to go into the the storm to face. Angry fishermen knew had their industry closed and the road taken out and underneath them. Now all for good reason was very very brave fearless to go in and face the storm and and he did and then on the other end of the whole ugly exercise you know e- Far badly. Valiantly at the cabinet table to increase the compensation anklets striking about it. Listening to that is his efforts to balance out two two things the survival of the species. He insisted that is paramount. And at the same time doing all he can for the people of Newfoundland and Labrador that balance it so so difficult for politicians to strike. Do you think he did that. He did it he was. He was fearless and brave passionate the laboratory because he he he loved the place But he had a job as a federal minister but he did strike that balance very well you know. He assured the people that look you know. I'm just looking out for you. I'M GONNA be fighting for you. I didn't cause this problem. I had to do this. But we're going to get through it and you know he did and John was very very charismatic character to as well I mean people like them even though that he had to say tough things and they were very angry at that particular day. I remember very vividly but they respect perspective and afterwards even admired him so he was never kinda held as the over who they shut out the fishery miss not responsible for him say say things like that. I didn't take deficient. Gd Water for a lot of politicians that that would be a career ender but he could say things like that. What how could he you get away with some of the things? He said well you know he was colorful. And you know he did have a a great sense of humor but I think that the mass is superior intelligence legit is underneath. The John had a good brain. He was a very very spirited and then telling Bursa so he was able to Kinda couple things that will have a shock effect. We'll have a dark humor or whatever and then on back and people and see hang on a minute here now. There's this is not a buffoon this is a guy who's got eight food brain and who means well so he can get away with it. He had that flamboyance about him that he can pull it off not everybody could do. What was your relationship with them? How did you come come to know John Clasby my father? I'm John Basically practice law at the same time so you know John and Dad. We're good friends and I basically followed a parallel track at a different level. I wasn't directly involved in politics on the front line certainly was involved in the organization side and the fund raising raising and so I got to observe him nothing but a close and then I was governor for a period of time. Well I was premium as well so you know we have to work together at that point and you know. I can't say we agreed on everything. I don't think anyone would expect do personalities like on John. I don't think that would happen. But we certainly got along and respected each other and I remember John Actually coming to step down and he said the kicks because he knows your time is young Williams. I was young but anyway but he said you know Williams. I wouldn't be me. He said if I was moving on to the polls he said uh they'd have to drag me out kicking screaming now. He started in laxly in municipal politics and quickly went into provincial. Politics era of Joey smallwood but then when I went to Ottawa to to sit at the federal cabinet table and to join federal politics. What did he? How did he representing different in Labrador with all those other interests of Canada's were brought to Ottawa well he brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Federal Cabinet table? Indiana's understand whether it had developed before it'd probably had or during his term with Prime Minister Mulroney. They had a a good friendship. And as a result John was able to leverage that friendship to deliver the oil and gas industry didn't Land Labrador Obrador because at a time when Hibernia was in question as being a risky venture on the frontier. You know John Basically delivered that to the province and and you know we could be decades behind which would mean you know at this stage which would've meant a considerable loss of revenue not only to Newfoundland Labrador Canada. What do you think John? COSBY's legacy will be. I think you know he will prove to be one of the most. Prominent new land public figures. Ever and not only did did he bring themselves to the forefront on the line also bought our problems to the forefront and he's legacy from a financial perspective is the fact that he delivered the oil and gas industry to Newfoundland and Labrador during his time as a federal cabinet minister because that was a difficult time they didn't have the support around the cabinet table Meech Lake was happening at at that time and he still managed to pull it off so I would see that as as enjoying a legacy millions early. Appreciate you sharing your thoughts about John Crosbie with us. Thank you know. It's been an honor and under these seconds can call it a pleasure. It has been a face lift. Thank you Danny. Williams is a former premier of Newfoundland and Labrador. We reached him in Sarasota Florida. Of course we cannot forget the way John Crosbie talked to and about liberal real. MP Sheila Copps in the house he told her just quiet down baby and at an event in one thousand nine hundred. He said she reminded him of Bobby Bare Song Tequila Sheila. Despite his behavior they later became friends and the CBC played a part on Valentine's Day nineteen ninety-five CBS's morningside brought the pair together for a different kind verbal exchange. The last time you taught you should be saying a load of each other. I think it's been a long time too long. I think we might as well. Just start. Start Right in here now the fiction back. Are you ready for it. John Crosbie you ready. I think our own lines minds are better than these. We'll go ahead okay. Why did you have to come to Casablanca? There are other places. I wouldn't have come if I had known you were here. Believe me Rick. It's true I didn't know about your voice how it hasn't changed Harris Richard Dear. I'll go with you. Any place will get on the train together. Never stop please. Don't don't Rick I can understand how you feel. You understand how I feel. How long was it? We had honey. I didn't count the days. Well I did every one of them. Mostly I remember the last one a while. Finish a guy standing on the station platform and the rain but the comic look in his face. Because he's inside had been kicked out John Crosby and Sheila Copps playing the leads from Casablanca on. CBC's ABC's Morningside in Nineteen ninety-five on twitter. Today MS COPS posted about Mr Crosby's death. She wrote saddened to hear of the passing of our dear friend John Crosbie a great newfoundlander gender and a great Canadian. His contributions to the province in the country he loved will be long remembered.

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