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Wiz. It's filmed in front of a live audience with four to five cameras. So and you build on our show some until do a five page scene. It's it's a little more theatrical. And there is a feeling, and it's very very precise. Which is something. That's really surprised me too. It's it's a different acting energy. Right. People would be guest stars on our show. But you were fine. I mean, you know. All I remember struggling or troubled or nervous, and you were fantastic for our listeners out there. I did I like three three episodes of vets it three or four episodes season. Right. The final season. And all I remember is just terror. No lately, I b s just but I was so honored to be apart. I mean, it was like this is just so huge to be the heart of you. I mean, you know, we were so distracted too. We probably well, there was a lot of emotion happening here. And so I feel like there was a time. And I don't know if my memory's fully accurate on this. But I think there was a time like second to last episode. There is a group hug, and I was kind of sort of I was sort of standing nearby. David sort of brought me in. But I was like I can't can't be pretty. No, they shouldn't. Okay. Quick Pat on the back out of here. But no, it was a nightmare. No, no, no. It was thrilling. And everyone was so lovely to me. It was the most surreal experience must've been. I just remember thinking. She's really good. Oh my God. Good. Thanks for saying.

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