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But still, I feel like this episode is all over the place, but we started off talking about adulting and finding purpose, and we did, and, and you know that being the purpose of adulting actualising purpose of being comfortable in who you are. And I guess the bottom line is that it's going to be hard. It's going to be challenging and we may or may not be supported by the people who are closest to us in love us dearly. That's not to say that they are terrible people, but maybe it's a generational thing for them. They may not have the tools. And again, I do feel like we learned even through like some of the challenges that I'm having with my family right now as it relates to who I am. You know, are a part of this growing stretching season that I feel like I'm in. Right. So is the difference between the KEA that you just do what they say in order to keep peace and the and the key who is standing up on her own two feet, using her own mind, her own ideas and doing what works best for her so, and that's tough, right? So reconcile that is tough for me 'cause I'm getting as I'm getting to know grown adult kids, so is my mama. And so it's so are all the other members of my family, and that's going to be that's not going to be easy. Right? A good chunk of time. So what are the ways that we can support each other since we might not get this support from other people? How can we as friends and sisters and you know comrades in this in this in this fight or for figuring out adulting and getting grown, how can we as a community support. One another. How what you think is. I think we we should do what we've been doing. You know what I'm saying? Like he is my sister and that's an every since of the word that's not for this show. That's not for Instagram. Like key is my sister. So when key is celebrating a milestone, her life, we're celebrating a milestone, our life. You know what I'm saying? Kia heard numerous times that her degrees, our our guests, their communal, sharing them with unity and Asante and crystal, and you're in Asia. Everyone got a piece. We all got a piece of the pie. That's it. Like I got mad degrees because he. I say, all that to say, when Kia win when kill went to defend her dissertation, I didn't know what the hell she was talking about, but I was there..

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