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By Navy Federal Credit Union visit navy federal dot org To get started today 11 28 Trafficking Mother on the A three to Kessler in the W. T o P Traffic Center. It's messy early, trying to get to the eastbound span of the Bay Bridge. You were slow on the Severn River Bridge headed all the way to the Bay Bridge, just two lanes getting across the bridge right now, westbound three lanes getting across in that direction. They cannot run the two way traffic on the westbound span of the bridge because of the weather, so This delay is only going to get worse throughout the day you needed going to need to give yourself some extra time. If that's the direction you need to go now. Elsewhere here on the Beltway, your outer loop delays were in Prince George's County, approaching and passing Branch Avenue. The crash was on the left shoulder. Travel lanes are open. But the delay is sticking around. Also seeing delays on the topside from 29 toward Jorja interlude slowing from 3 55 around toward Connecticut, also seeing delays in both directions headed toward the American Legion bridge with nothing reported also be aware The inbound captain John Parkway is still blocked before MacArthur Boulevard due to a down tree Shogun 3 55 near Cedar Lane. A single left lane gets by the road repairs from yesterday's water main break. The northbound lanes, however, remain open in Virginia Eastbound 66. The volume is between 50 and Nutley Street. 95 in Virginia. Delays in both directions. So, um, out of Newington crossing the Arctic Juan then again from Dumfries into triangle, uh, and in Stafford headed toward the Rappahannock River Bridge North band. 95 slows through Stafford toward courthouse Road. Then you're going to find a delay in Dumfries, from Dale City, to Woodbridge, and from Lorton into Newington With the lanes open, southbound 3 95 slows after Washington Boulevard toward liberal. That crash was on the left side. The North Mandalay's just approaching the 14th Street Bridge. Don't miss the air Force Band Summer Concert series, dude 11th at 7:30 P.m. at the Air Force Memorial. For more information, visit US A. F band dot af dot m I l I'm Rita Kessler, w t o p traffic and now the storm team for smack. Redder. Light to moderate rain will continue during the day today with the occasional thunderstorm in a heavy downpour possible from time to time, otherwise cloudy much cooler than the past couple of days. Highs will hold steady in the upper sixties to low seventies showers will end.

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