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I'm gonna have to be locked up because I started having all these. Incessant and horrible thoughts. Mike. We had visions as well. Not like right in front of me. But in my mind that kept fluffy and. Yeah. Seven seven full on panic time for two weeks and help. Yeah. I was in. I was in LA at the time you work in the house doing house working as well during this time during the just come. I just finished because I did a show for five years. So in the downtown without show, I was real characters sometimes two weeks without working. So instead of saying stating Couve, I'll go down to LA weather where we're at mates. And yeah. I actually really really famous actress. But my boyfriend knew he reached out to her 'cause she suffered with. Some anxiety depression, they reached out to her when she gave me luck huge list of of. Therapists go which was really kind in. I went to one and it wasn't right for me. I was his last client on the last client on a Friday and talking to to see the eyes glaze. Yeah. Yeah. That's really sad for you. Hundred fifty dollars for an hour. So you go did you try and find somebody else did? But then I, but because I was traveling so much I started Skype in on him Wales. And I just got really paranoid about what I was telling her. What she was telling me about 'cause fell felt too. She also knew that I was an actress. And so it just felt an also doing it through a web come. I've just got really just really a came about. Yeah. And so, and so I haven't really confront own since it has. Subsided. Because you've taken steps to look after yourself. But yeah. Yeah. And I think. I exercise a lot now which really really helps. Yeah. I know what triggers my anxiety. I know what I'm feeling shoes. I mean, all of it is around my mental vehicle and you sleep. Oh, great sleeping by one. I'll be actual way through the day..

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