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I prepared about seventy percent your one thirty percent lot whenever and everybody you'd level nosed yeah knows the skill what is the separation when you know the odds we're trying to fill one inside straight when they're rev are has three has the cards up and you got to nine and some analysis look everybody knows the for maddux but what separates everybody knows the same stop on the poker toward a those who really no mcgraw no some people like that one is the sign ration one separates them probably is the reading skills of your opponent edwards being able to put your opponent on a hammer your input and what you get to learn how to do that skill which is the most important skill in poker a better than average yeah you're going to be at one or both of where you know what you think you got bust all yet the whatever it is you know the more you play the better bets fuel you get that prevails but and the program warren you know the top players who would yeah that have hard when do we go heart and that means they have the ability to where the pot when they don't have the best because of their betting skills and you know nothing up about poker no this betting is what the game is all about it there were no batting where what is get to gardner five guards in the middle and then it turned the mop it would be a whole lot going to be no gagne no batting it what the game is all about and that the first thing you learn when you play poker and that when you bet you have to waste him on the butt you don't want to because you were opponent older than you when the box or he called and you have the best fan and you can when the plot when you call somebody to gone won the problem way you must have the best so just in terms of that ball matt you know the raiders smart people recognized right away that batting get you to the one advantage noah calling when you play over so you want to be a better now to call what are some of the ten allison tell me and you can look at a player and there's something now player does that tells you what they have give me some tells okay but until they per cent down a goal that they will remember thing it's people in your life.

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