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Say about this bush shou at technion podcast outcomes us feedback leave a comment we've talked about this before but i it hasn't changed for me the question i have road is why should i have to stare at what do i get nothing seemed to go away what do i get i don't think he'd get i'm still on sierra i didn't upgrade to high sierra i've got a fusion drive and instead of third party fusion drive from abc i'm sure it's been set up in it's compatible and there was no problem now but here's the thing my mac does a crash everything works great that's why he's not broke don't fix it yeah which is kind of weird i used to remember years ago i used to look forward updates upgrade and then i got to the point where every time they upgrade now and i've heard reasoning for this i can't gareth by other than some of the apple told me this the things disappear so for example that that that g floor on the 'cause it it uses an app that uses messaging and it uses apple script on messaging apple tripped on messaging disappeared in the last day up yup okay for no reason whatsoever they haven't turned off messaging they haven't turned off scripting they just don't let apple messaging do apple script anymore which has become or programs because now was sierra and high sierra they really went to the sand boxing mod i know but so you have old programs that break so.

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