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Welcome to the Kevin Long show production of the southgate mediocre. You can find us at Southgate. Media Group. dotcom commute is lift by Kevin Kling off in contact dot com royalty free music as long as you give the dude his props this episode of the Kevin Long show is brought to you by tweaked audio podcast. Fan for thirty percent off free shipping and a lifetime warranty head over to tweak audio dot com and in the coupon code area type Southgate Kevin. Long show is also brought to you by coffee where you can support us by going to coffee DOT COM and searching the Kevin long show no spaces all right. It's that time of the week again. Time for the Kevin Longxu Hegna I. I know by the time I posted this. It'll be daily dollar short but at least I have once again. Accomplished my goal of making sure I put out a podcast and every every week and I could be doing better if I was doing magic Monday but right now there are other things that are more important than magic Monday. In as long as I get the regular dealer shou out I feel good also if you want to help out. In the dollar. Short category has mentioned in the introduction. We do have a coffee that you can go and donate three dollars to the 'cause you go to coffee. Dot Com backslash Kevin Long show all one word and I should've I just wanted to get that into the business section because that's will will start with the three dollars that you guys are generously going donate we could buy buffers for each section of the show and I don't necessarily have to buy them but I could get the made and and help them sound good and maybe bias soundboard that'd be really nice. Sound board things. That's my goal. This year is to get a sound on board so we can do drops all kinds of random stuff also and I know I haven't been very good the last couple of weeks putting the linked linked intri notes into the notes. But I'll make sure we get that done today. Shan Tells Museum of Natural History has been out for a year. That's pretty cool. So go out the swamp in authors that work with the swamp. In do that if you want to Business Business. I Dunno okay. I'll admit I've had one week plus today to write the show notes and still haven't Kinda like DNV. I just wing it. I know what I wanna right and I know what we're going to do and I have decided did that I'm not going to do any of the NBA d. in the player characters just because it was fun once. Yeah thing next week I will talk more about the scientists will get to cyanosis part to have some spivey the stuff we can talk about their so one more book. I'd like to get but who knows there's that and are I think we'll just jump right into the topic Same as last week. If you have the opportunity to pay somebody ready for the work they do do it. If somebody posts something pay what you want. There is a suggested price. If you don't pay the suggested the price at least pay something. They're working hard for their stuff in trying to make it a living so support them and with that being said let's get into this week's southgate media group Gift Guide. Now if you've been listening to this show remember that these came out for Christmas but I don't see why you can't use them. As birthday gifts peeler have birthdays and Easter's coming and Valentine's is coming and who wouldn't want cards against Star Wars for Valentine's stay. Fat is sweet. I will one hundred percent. Sure link this in the show notes. Because I'm not gonNA create linked tree for it. Maybe I will. We'll see what happens but there will be a link for this weekend. GEEKS Gift Guide for Two Thousand Twenty Twenty even though it might change at Christmas time because this is just their two thousand eighteen Christmas list but again cards against star wars sure. It's a great game this one one if I was to get a Valentine's gift or an Easter gift or a birthday gift or whatever kind of Gift Marvel Studios the first ten years anniversary collection through a lot of movies in there and just having a box that big hole. Mike goodness ask ask this time I feel like it would be a good opportunity to talk about quote unquote. One of our sponsors is not really sponsor because southgate media owns the book but on every gift guide will be the pod life the book that Southgate members in other members numbers of podcasting wrote. Because it had just come out when we made these gift guide. So we're pushing it and why would you not always push something you take great pride in also if you're listening to this show and you are a podcast. Her Southgate Media Group. uh-huh is looking for people to write in pod life volume two. If you're interested you could reach out to me and I can get you in contact act with rob or go over to facebook and type in Chicago podcasters united and either robber. I will accept your invitation mutation to join the group and then the information is right there on page head over to Amazon type in pod life or Southgate Media Group and you can find the book. I believe still happening. If you buy the hard copy you. We'll get the kindle version for free now back to your regularly scheduled programing next on this list is the game of thrones is the complete series collector's edition. Blu Ray now. I'm not a game of thrones fan but maybe somebody else is this one. I like the Koto Koto Bolio. Batman animated series. The joker statue. Now I know that name and that's not the point but the point join is that is a really cool statue magic the gathering magic game night. Why not play magic? Yeah avengers one through four complete two thousand nineteen yeah. I don't know what that is. Are there for avengers. I Dunno I I guess yes one to infinity war in in game. I don't know the Lego Harry Potter hogwarts Castle. Six thousand twenty pieces. Wow that is a lot star Wars Djeddai fallen order the fun co Pop Marvel Spiderman far from Home Spiderman upgraded suit. This is don't Comma Garage shoebox ten collectible comic book subscription box. Okay there you go if you WANNA do a subscription preorder marvel's avengers. PS Four game and also at the time that this was created. The joker hadn't come out yet. or I guess it had but you can pre-order or I guess now order the Joker on Blu Ray so again will linked that and if you buy any of these things at the very bottom of the page is it's a link to Amazon which is great because if you're shopping for anything on Amazon use the link at Southgate Media Group Dot com the network will get a little something something and you know D- Avenue if you're buying these things on this list go to Amazon through the website eight. There's a link on the bottom of the page and help support your podcasting family. So for me myself and I bought hollow. You have a great day again. Thank you for listening to the Kevin Lump show you can find us on Southgate Media Group DOT COM. You can find the Kevin Long show on facebook by searching the Kevin Long show you can find out twitter by searching Kevin Long S. sage what you can also email the show at Kevin long show at G. DOT com..

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