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The city of evanston the bench since nineteen sixty five that's been vacant since twenty fifteen at stands immediately adjacent to the even older grosse point lighthouse and connie wants the mansion site restored to dunes wbz news time genoa traffic and weather together on the eight here is abby ryan the inbound and outbound edens nineteen minute ride kennedy out to the airport twenty inbound twenty the overnight construction started about eight minutes ago at ten o'clock ohio feta ramp to the jane burn interchange right lane closed until midnight on the inbound side and all the rest of the construction on the inbound side to entrance and exit ramp to madison closed until five am the entrance ramp from westbound randolph closed until five also the exit ramp to eastbound jackson closed on the inbound side till five and the exit ramp to westbound adams closed until five am to that could be problematic as we continue throughout the night the o'hare extension at the moment okay is an hour outbound twenty nine to route three ninety inbound thirty one of the jane byrne on the inbound side slow eighteen in from anaheim the outbound side of the stevenson thirty two three fifty five thirty back in the ryan out to ninety fifth fifteen inbound eighteen sold the right lane approaching the ramp to the outbound eisenhower fifty seven in the bishop border clear the overnight construction of the bishop ford also started about eight minutes ago before it after one hundred thirtieth on the outbound side you've got roadwork in the left lane and that's till seven am tristate jane addams santa fifty three three ninety those are fine reagan looks good to veterans southbound so between roosevelt and butterfield with roadwork in the left lane north west indiana a okay traffic and weather together on the eighth every ten minutes on newsradio seven hundred.

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