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So there's a lot of opportunities for that and it's so important. Now that we don't have in-person precinct tabulation. I can't tell you how important it is and don't depend on me to to be the one to go look i. It's really hard. And but i do it and but if a lot of people did it a little bit at the time it would be really great. And that's what. The league of women voters can do primarily is to be there and understand. What's happening. When i go to watch every day i find something that's not correct. It could be done better. It's not legal. Whatever it's always something and it gets corrected. Because i know how to i know how to voice. I know what's true. And i know what needs to be done and i can explain it to the official and they always appreciate that input. And that's what makes elections healthy is interaction from public officials. Elections belong to the public. They belong to the league. Women voters do not belong to the officials and officials have basically the system has changed such that officials see themselves in charge. They have a staff of people. The staff of people controls a bunch of election judges who are following rules and decisions or are escalating up to the election official. It's not the way it should be. Election judges are called judges for a reason. Judges make decisions based on the law. Not based on what somebody told them to do. So that's the law in the rules. The rules are made by secretary of state. We voters can also go read that they proposed election rules. That are coming out right now. I hope that this podcast doesn't come out after the rules are already approved. But the watching the for rulemaking and making public comment on rules is really important. And if you look at those rules you'll see how the canvas sports are. Being restricted watchers rypien restricted the recent. Sp two fifty eighty page cleanup..

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