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Back seven thirty five in the morning down here brookside equipment sales on the south sam houston parkway between cullen and what was my other one hold on between colon and scott it's a colin street exit that i take to go over to tom bass part during the wintertime and wear out the rainbow trout combined sees it's kinda quiet this morning heck it's seven thirty in the morning we understand that but there are don't saw doughnuts i don't know where they are but i saw them i'm gonna have to send my my son he's got a nose for older right here at the front door okay michelle's gardiner doughnuts we got texas fans already showing up they think deandre hopkins is here now he's now he's gonna be here at noon maybe this guy here for the cheerleaders i don't know maybe so yeah he kinda smile on his face seven one three two one two five seven ninety let's go talk to david see what's on his mind david what's up buddy i about this no tells intended dampen your hands but mentioned about the down to four down go i think right just guy just clip it off and then it'll eventually go away it's a lot better yeah it's a lot better to leave that hook in there yeah he didn't drop in there the most diligent fish is probably a white birch cropping.

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