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The pride passion that pageantry of college football lives here. This is the Paul Fein bomb show hour three podcast. Hey, welcome back. Stephen means, George, just he covers Ohio State. We've talked to Steven in the past about the buckeyes who have come back from the dead. They were written off after the Oregon loss in the second way to the season and now they're a major contender. Steven, thank you for the time. Great to have you back. So what's happened? How have the buckeyes suddenly come alive and look like we thought they would look? Yeah. Offensively, I think a couple of things happened. CJ strong got comfortable, which was only going to happen with time. But you have to remember that this kid hadn't thrown a pass in college football and to that Minnesota game. So he just needed to build some comfortability and some confidence there. It seems like he's done that, but also he's gotten healthy for whatever showed or element that was heard in those first couple of weeks and really in fact impacting him as a thrower. So it starts there. Him getting healthy and getting more confident has allowed Chris olave, Garrett Wilson and Jackson Smith and Jake bud, Jeremy Rucker and Trey Leon Henderson in that long list of weapons that Ohio State hasn't offense. To basically put themselves investing in where they might be the best offense in college football and home a statistical standpoint, they're up there with what LSU was in 2019 and Alabama last season. And then defensively, obviously, Kerry Coleman is no longer calling the plays. Put that workload on mat Barnes now, but it's more of a collaborative effort he more handles the passing game. Maybe a passing game coordinator on defense while Larry Johnson is a defensive line folks handles more of the run game stuff. But stuff like that, they've also just figured out who their best players are, but a lot has changed in the conversation around Ohio State from where they were after the Oregon game, they even after the Tulsa game to where they are right now, where they might be the second best team in the country. Yeah, I want to ask you about the defense, because friends of mine who follow the buckeyes, I mean, they were they were angry, they were ready to throw this guy overboard and obviously they threw them halfway. How would you characterize a defense right now? I think it's good enough. And that's really all it has to be. I think that was always going to be the case this year. Can this defense be enough to not get in the way of what this office wants to do? And over the last couple of weeks, they've done that. Yes, they've dominated at times when it was also Akron. It was Maryland. It was Rutgers. There was an Indiana team who was playing with a walk on quarterback for most of the most of the night. So if you haven't played anybody yet, it lets you know if any of what we've seen over the last couple of weeks here is real for this defense, but if there are anything like that when they get on the field with Penn State on Saturday or when they go to Michigan to play them or play Michigan state or admit since auto game and this defense and clearly be enough to allow this offense to show that they're going to put up 35 to 40 points on anybody. They can't get in the way of that. That's all it has to be. Yeah, and Steven, I don't want to bury the lead. You said it a minute ago and comparing this offense to the last two SEC champions, LSU and Alabama and those are epic historic offenses I should say. Break this thing down for us because you mentioned half a dozen players and you still could add a few more based on what I'm seeing. Chris olave and Garrett Wilson are probably the best two wide receivers in the country. And we do that coming into the season or at least in that conversation. I think the big difference maker for them has been Jackson Smith and Jake but who has allowed this office to be in a situation where they might have 3000 yard receivers are all at 30 plus receptions all over 500 yards and all got three or four 5 6 7 8 touchdowns this season. And we're only to the halfway point. So it starts there. But then Jeremy Rucker is one of the better tight ends in the country who because he plays for a house that he gets underutilized that Indiana game where he had 5 catches in two tests is one of the better games of his career because he just got used more, but trevi od Henderson that kid at least about the second time in a Maurice Carrera there is four touchdowns away from breaking claret's single season record for most touchdowns about true freshman in Ohio State history. He's been everything he's been advertised to be and more as the former number one running back in the 2021 recruiting class. That's a lot of weapons. And now you're just asking a first year starting quarterback getting more confident by the day and more confident by the game to just get these guys of all in an efficient and a quick batter. And he started to do that TJ Stroud is quickly turned into a guy who might break some of the Wayne houses records and put himself in the highs and trophy conversation, which this is a lot of hyperbolic conversation. I know that, but that's just where this offense has maybe developed into it. It came down to a CJ trial going to be ready for this moment and all these weapons going to live up to what their high for us and that's happening right now. Talking to Stephen means about the buckeyes, Steven, you mentioned the Penn State game, but it's really later in the season that Buckeye fans. I think are more concerned about whoever comes out of Michigan and Michigan state and it's hard to believe we're even having this conversation. So give us the lowdown, the skinny on that game, the Saturday in east Lansing and who comes out of it and what it means to the team you cover. I think with both with Michigan state more than Michigan, we're going to find out what's real. I know some people think Kenneth walker is one of the favorites for the highs and trophy because he's three yards away over a thousand yards in his first year there and paying thorn has looked pretty good and they've got some quality wide receivers there as well. In Jalen regal Jaden, jaylen naylor and Trey Mosley. So they've got quality weapons as well, but Michigan state hasn't played anybody. And this will be their first time playing against a team of like where the talent is equated a little bit. So we're going to find out a little bit of what we've seen in the first couple of weeks here is real for Michigan state or not or if it's just they're taking advantage of a favorable schedule while with Michigan, the question every single week is going to be as K McNamara is still going to be the starting quarterback by the time they play Ohio State. Because right now, Michigan is very run heavy. They're pretty much one dimensional and they've got a lot of running backs. By Blake horn there. But cave McNamara is not going to be the guy who's going to put up the necessary points to beat Ohio State, but they do have a true fresh 5 star quarterback by the name of JJ McCarthy who might be that missing piece of this offense that allows it to not be so one dimensional. So as every week goes by, that's the only question that's on the mind for Ohio State. They watch Michigan players. Okay, can I say stop the rump but more importantly is JJ McCarthy ever going to be missing quarterback this year? So that's something that needs to be watched voice. Michigan state real, we're going to find that out. They really the number 18 in the country or is this all been just a little fraudulent while with Michigan is how many more weeks until Jim Harbaugh understands that JJ McCarthy is going to have to be the quarterback that plays if they want to compete with the wild state. And finally, the question in May start getting answered next week and the ensuing weeks. And that is a conundrum that occurs if Oregon and Ohio State are vying for one of the four spots in the college football play. You saw the game. You know what happened 8 weeks ago. What are you here from the fans of Ohio State about that question? I think we're going to learn a lot from these first playoff rankings that come out next Tuesday what the committee actually cares about. Because yes, Oregon came to Columbus and they beat Ohio State, you know, how they didn't look good. On either side of the ball doing it. But also team has fallen apart because of injuries and they just haven't played that well since while Ohio State in the team that lost the work in that weekend is nowhere near the team that we've been watching the last couple of weeks here..

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